Week-Week-Weekend in Review...

So after getting over the flu-pocolypse... for about 24 hours we were feeling fine until my biggest boy threw up in the car on Friday. THANKFULLY it ended up only being carsickness or you would be seeing pictures of me bald because I would have pulled out every single strand of my hair if we had gotten the tummy bug.
It's been super cold and snowy. We got a freak Snow Storm that no one predicted on Friday afternoon so the boys made a fort.
My grandma is staying with us for the week while my parents are in Mexico (I know, I'm so jealous...) and it's been nice to have extra hands around the house... not to mention that she's Rhett's favorite person on the planet. Saturday is supposed to be my long run day, but since we had snow on the ground and more falling I pulled up my BeachBody On Demand and did the two hardest workout DVDs possible. (PS BB ON DEMAND Releases today!!! AHH!! You can get it a 90 day subscription for just $10 when you buy Shakeology this month!!!!) Also 21 Day Fix is only on sale until tomorrow night if you're interested still, now is the time to buy! You can email me about either of there and I'll hook you up with details!
Then Bryan, Hudson and I went to play in the snow while Gma kept little bit inside.

I adore this picture Bryan took of me and Hudson sledding. Love this boy and LOVE being a mom of boys. So fun.
Sunday since we were snowed in we worked on house stuff... we still aren't exactly sure when we are moving but hopefully we ARE moving soon so we got stuff knocked out!
Yesterday I took Thor to preschool.... haha again, love being a boy mom! Then Gma and I went shopping and out to lunch with the littlest boy while we could get out before the next round of snow arrives tomorrow.
Hope you all had a good weekend! On the agenda today is running 10 miles with Katy before we can't run again! I see 60s on the 10 day forecast for several days next week so my heart feels Spring right around the corner!!

Happy Tuesday!


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