WWF and Organization!

It's Friday so that means last night was Weight Watchers!! So I maintained last night... and while I wish I was losing by heaps and bounds, this half-marathon training is kicking my booty and killing my eating because I feel like I am ravenous all the time! I'm ready to get back to my normal workouts and eating! One week left!!

We ran four miles yesterday.... and honestly I feel like running 4 miles pushing the double stroller and running 8 miles without are about the same at this point.

I've got a few last things to do to finish up the house-- hang/order new pictures, take a few more boxes to goodwill, that type of thing... so the boys and I will be running errands today and getting hair cuts and REALLY getting ready to enjoy the weather now that Spring is officially here!

PS Have you guys heard of huggable hangers? They've literally changed my life. My mom gave me some for Christmas and I just opened them to reorganize my closet and then went and bought 150 more! One of my biggest beefs with our current house is lack of closet space and these really help me max out the closet space! The clothes below took up that whole bottom space before! There really are amazing. I've also gutted my closet and have some stuff on my IG sale page if you're interested you can hop over here.
Oh and if you read my post or IG yesterday, you saw my stitch fix dilemma... I decided to keep the two bottom pictures- the tanks. I loved the coral blazer but it's just not a realistic piece for me in the place I'm at in life right now. Way too fancy! I also sent back the jeans that I loved. They were very distressed in the knees and Bryan wasn't a big fan, he also made a good point that I would be likely to stick my feet through the holes and rip them more... so just the two tanks this time! I've got another box coming in three weeks! I'm excited!! Thank y'all for the sweet feedback! It was fun.
Kept the navy with tulips and the cream floral tanks!
Happiest of Fridays to you all! Hope you have an amazing weekend!


  1. Loved the outfits. I wish we had stitch fix in Canada!

  2. Ah Darn Nina! I wish you did too!!!


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