21 Day Fix- One Week In!

I really had planned to blog a lot more of this journey with 21 day fix but (like always) life got in the way! I am loving this challenge I am on. Today is day 7 of 21 day fix and day 10 of the challenge total and I feel amazing. My clothes are hanging looser, my muscles are aching and my cravings are (for the most part GONE). The 21 day fix extreme workouts I've been following are killer... Katy and I have been running a few days a week too. One week in and I am down a little over 6 lbs. I weigh tonight officially at my Weight Watchers meeting... and while yes, I am pumped about losing weight. I am amazed at what just ONE week of strictly following the plan has taught me.

It's all about balance. While Weight Watchers taught me that I can eat anything as long as I account for it, 21 day fix is more about specifically teaching portion control for specific food groups. I found out pretty quickly that I was used to eating WAY more carbs and dairy than I was supposed to, and not enough protein and veggies. So I am loving the balance this is teaching me.
I had a playdate this week and wanted to still have snacks while sticking to our 21 day fix meal plan because my friend Jessica and her boys came over and she's doing 21 day fix too. So I made healthy bran muffins (with Truvia baking blend, applesauce and almond milk) and a fruit salad. The kids GOBBLED up that fruit salad.

Yesterday I worked out early and then went to another friends house for a play date. I drank my Shakeology on the way so I wasn't tempted by all the yummy treats she had at her house. Then I went and met Bryan for lunch at our fav little greek restaurant.
(exhibit A of my clothes being too big, these "skinny" jeans are super baggy)
Bryan had a Gyro and I had this amazing salad that was perfectly on target with 21 day fix. It's so easy to incorporate into daily life!

I've gotten a lot of emails asking me for more info on 21 day fix so I wanted to kind of share the "basics" of it below. My team has another group starting on May 4 and I'll be doing round two because I think I'm on target in this round to lose about 15 lbs and afterwards just be 20 or so from my goal weight. I am PUMPED. If you want to join us in this next round I'd love to get you added to our group!!

"The 21 Day Fix is a three week program that comes with a specific meal plan for everyone. It will teach you how to eat and what portion control is all about. This is not a diet, it's a way to change your lifestyle-- that's where the cute little containers come in! You get a set of colored containers to teach portion control (one thing I've noticed is that I was eating WAY too many carbs and not enough protein and veggies before!) and an eating guide along with 10 different workouts on DVD! The DVD workout programs target every part of your body starting with "weight loss" and then you continue to tone, tighten and build muscle. The workouts are essentially perfect for everyone and any fitness group. You get 10 different work outs and a schedule to tell you what to do when. You choose what size of weight you use, or if you even want to use weights so it really is great for each and every fitness level! There is also a modifier you can follow until you can do each move. I love that it's just 30 minute DVD segments that I can do in my living room while the kids play next to me and I don't have to drag everyone out to the gym. Plus since its a one time purchase you can use it again and again and again!"

I'm offering a special gift card promo right now to the first three people who buy Shakeology and 21 Day Fix. You can click that banner above or go through my link (or for just the program here) to order. If you're needing something new or different I promise you won't be disappointed in 21 day fix! 

Hope you're having a blessed Thursday! 


  1. You look great!!! Keep up the good work. Yayyyy for baggy clothes. You should be so proud of yourself. Happy Friday!!!! 😃

  2. Do you have to purchase Shakeology with 21 Day Fix?

  3. No you don't! Here is the link to look at the program by itself!

  4. Marleen BournivalJuly 3, 2015 at 9:05 AM

    I am just about to start the 21 day fix. My box just arrived yesterday. I have read a ton of great feedback on lone. I'm hoping it works me. :)


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