Little Boys

I started this post the other day and couldn't get the pictures to upload... so I'm back with it this morning and a WWF update in a bit (or tomorrow depends on my free time).

On Monday this little boy and I spent the whole day planting flowers. Mondays are my days just with him and I enjoy it so much. He is getting so funny and his littler personality cracks me up. He actually went over to this wall outside (where I always take he and hudson's outside pics) and said "CHEEESE MOMMY". Ha love it.

Bryan's been working with Hudson for a few days on balancing on his bike and walking it around the neighborhood. This week he finally thought he was ready and put the pedals back on and he rode his bike on his own for the first time (sans training wheels!)! I have it on video but videos are dumb to upload here for some reason... so here is a pic instead!
Tuesday night our family came over for dinner. I was holding Hank and Rhett wasn't too sure what to think.
Wednesday was Daddy and Donuts at school. I had two little boys who were VERY excited about Daddy taking them to school.

Hudson brought this home for Bryan... we loved it!
Then Wednesday night the boys were fussy as all get out and gave me a run for my money... never a dull moment.
All of that to say I LOVE my little boys! I love being a mom of boys and I love the crazy, messy, dirty things they bring into my life. They are my joy! 


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