Our Trip to Big Cedar Lodge! Day 1.

Sorry for the Radio Silence. I've been a busy beaver! But I'm back- unpacked, house is clean and life is back to normal!!!

Bryan and I were gifted a trip to Big Cedar Lodge last summer and we had it planned for right before Christmas and ended up having to cancel due to my grandma passing away. We finally rescheduled it for this past weekend a few months ago and it ended up being absolute great timing for getting us away!!!

We drove up Saturday morning after my five mile run with Katy (we've stuck to our running schedule in hopes of running another race soon). We got there just in time for the big Easter Egg hunt and our boys loved it. The weather on Saturday was absolutely beautiful.

Then we checked into our cabin-- it was amazing-- and went out to go exploring and find some lunch.

The grounds at Big Cedar are AMAZING. Saturday was our only pretty day. It was cold and rainy the rest of the time so we really didn't get to enjoy anything else there while we were there but we're definitely planning on going back in warmer weather!!

During naps I hung out on our personal deck and drank my diet coke. Basically for that moment, life was perfect.
Bryan had fun making fires in the wood burning fireplace all weekend. We have a gas log fireplace at our house... apparently the real deal is more fun. Since we had had a long day we had a "cowboy" dinner in our cabin and roasted hot dogs and marshmallow with the boys. They basically thought it was the best thing ever.

We ended the night with a little dessert on the deck while watching the sunset after we put the boys to bed. It was a fun and exhausting day! Days 2-3 coming tomorrow :)


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