Our Trip to Big Cedar Lodge. Day 3.

We wanted to go to Dogwood Canyon and go hiking but the weather just really stunk the whole weekend and it was 30 minutes closer to home so we decided to do that on our way back. So Monday morning we packed up the cabin and headed towards home. We got to Dogwood Canyon right as they were opening and found out there was a section that was all paved with bike trails so we decided since it was cold to do that instead.

I'll also note here that I am REALLY not an "outdoorsy" person. My husband is and I think secretly I long to be and with my fitness journey maybe I'm becoming more that way. I've been camping exactly once in my whole life and it rained the whole time and I hated it. I know as a mom of boys I need to branch out and learn to love this stuff and I really did enjoy all the outdoorsy things we did on our trip- especially the bike ride!
Bryan and Hudson

I had Rhett-y Joe with me. He kept saying "GO MOMMA"

Bryan and Hudson feeding the fish. They were jumping. It was so cool.

I had our keys and phones in my inner pockets, this pic looks really funny.

Overall we had SUCH a good time making memories as a family. It was so good to unplug and be away for the weekend!!! Hope you've had a great week!!


  1. Looks like y'all had a great trip! I just went back and read all of your Big Cedar Posts! We spent our honeymoon there and have been back once for a weekend away! We're going back to Branson in a few weeks! It's one of our favorite get away spots!


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