Sunny Weekend In Review!

I forgot to mention in my last post that my very favorite store selected me to be "Customer of the Month" on IG and I won a $50 gift card! 90% of the outfits I wear that aren't workout clothes are from Kate Austin Jewelry and Gifts in NWA. Claire, the owner, is SO sweet. I met her last summer when I had just started losing weight and went in there for some new clothes... it's one of my favorite places to shop and I often just run in there if I have a few minutes to kill while waiting to pick up my boys from school because it's a block away. My new "AR" tank is from there and this kimono is one I got last summer! If you're local to NWA you need to go to Kate Austin and tell them I sent you!!!

Ok so back to Weekend in review...

Friday I worked a good chunk of the morning. My dad came and played with the boys for awhile so that was great but I had let some stuff pile up that I needed to get knocked out. I love my little "work space". I feel like it reflects my personality SO well!
After the boys took naps I snuggled Rhett and we watched cartoons. He is my snuggle baby... and he was in for a rude awakening because baby Hank was about to arrive for the night.
My boys LOVED having Hank here. They literally fought over who could rock him, sing to him, play with him, tickle him... We enjoyed babysitting for the evening so Jordan and David could go out!
Saturday was absolutely beautiful outside. From the moment we got up until 10 last night we hung out outside.
Bryan went to play tennis with a friend so I took the boys on a run and we played outside all morning. After nap time we went out to my parents house for steak and to go on a boat ride.

We had a great night and put Rhett to bed at my parent's house and spend the next two hours outside by the fire pit. We roasted marshmallows and made S'mores. Pretty sure they weren't on my 21 day fix diet but what I've learned on my journey is that EVERYTHING is okay in moderation. And I had fun and enjoyed the night with my my boys and my parents. I left my phone inside and came back to several texts and messages when we headed home around 10:30 and it was nice to just wait to deal with it and be unplugged for awhile and enjoy the important things in life.

Sunday we took it easy at home. Rhett was having tummy troubles that we didn't want to share with the whole church nursery. Our friends Richard and Sam came over to watch Game of Thrones and we called it a night. It was a great weekend!!

Hope you all have a super blessed Monday!


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