Weekend In Review

So I've had the opportunity lately to advertise in some local businesses... so I decided it was time to make it official and make business cards. One of my BeachBody coach friends does graphic design and designed them for me. Didn't they turn out cute??
Friday night we went to the local minor league team's second game of the year. Tony and CJ came to keep Rhett and we took Hudson and met my parents there. I'm smack dab in the middle of 21 day fix so I took my own snacks with us.
We had a great time and it was almost like a date night because Hudson sat with my parents for most of the game and my mom took him to play and ride the train. But it was good getting to catch up with my parents and not have to worry about Rhett being crazy.

They had fireworks after the game so we stayed for that and didn't get home until almost 11:30. It was a fun night, but a very late night for a 4 year old!
Saturday we took it easy. Like we literally did NOTHING. It was great. I called Hudson in for lunch and he came right in and said "Thank you Mom for always making us lunch". It melted my heart to hear him say that and be appreciated. Such a thoughtful boy.
Bryan sat on the floor with the boys and looked through our wedding album. It was sweet hearing him relive that day with our boys.

Saturday night we watch "The Usual Suspects" and "Chef". Both really good movies!

Yesterday we slept in until 7:30... which may not seem like much to all of you, but when you usually are up by 6, it's pretty darn amazing. Then we headed to church. We have been consistently going and being immersed in God's word at church again and it has been SO good. Right now our pastor is doing a series on Mistakes and it's hitting home. God has us right where we need to be.
After church we met Tony, CJ and CJ's daughter, Emma, for lunch at Mojitos. I was a good girl and just had one serving of chips that I broke into little pieces and I ordered shrimp skewers with steamed veggies. It was super good. Then we went home and changed clothes and headed out to the trail. Bryan and Tony rode bikes, Emma pushed my boys in the stroller and CJ and I ran 3 miles. It felt good to get out and sweat it out.
Emma and I (and the boys)
Then last night we had our friends Richard and Sam and their new baby boy, Drake, and our friend Stephen over for dinner and watched Game of Thrones. I love getting to snuggle and rock little 6 week old Drake... but it's also nice to be able to send him home and get to sleep through the night still.

We had a fabulous weekend! Hope you all did too! Happy Monday!


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