Week/Weekend In Review!

So what all have I been up to???
So I started Three Day Refresh on Tuesday after our trip. I have done it twice before but both times I struggled and this time I had the mindset that it was going to work! It's basically like three days of spring cleaning for your body... and as you'll see below, it was well worth it!
We had some work done on our yard last week. Love how the rocks turned out by our gate! It was a mud pit ALWAYS back there due to some drainage issues so they dug new drains and laid down these rocks. Voila!
I tried to convince myself to drink black coffee... it didn't go well. 
 Two days into the cleanse and feeling great!
 Me, Hudson and my hot pink shirt
The boys worked out with me! So fun that they see me working out and want to join in!
 On Friday I went with Katy and got my nails done. Loving this hot pink for summer.
 Love this friend of mine!!!
Ended Three Day Refresh on Thursday. As you can see I had amazing results! Started 21 Day Fix Extreme on Friday.
My latest Stitch Fix box came and I only liked one thing. I kept the blue shirt in the bottom left. Better luck next time.
Saturday I went to Vintage Market Days (like a craft show thing) with my girl friends! We also took Rhett and Kingston (my friend Katy's baby)... they were troopers and good shoppers too!
 I got this tank. Basically my life's mantra.

Saturday night I went to eat with a group of our mission trip friends who were here from Mexico. We had dinner at a family friend's house and I was so worried about staying on 21 day fix while there. The meal ended up fitting w 21 day fix perfectly... and then dessert came. She made my all time fav dessert of hers and I passed it up for fruit with a dollop of FF whipped cream. That's control there! 
The rest of the weekend we really just chilled. We went to church yesterday and had some friends over for dinner and to watch the Game of Thrones Premier last night.

Today I got up and got crushed by my 21 Day Fix workout. I'm on day 4 of the fix... day 7 of my total program, and killing it. Down 6 lbs total as of this morning! BOOM.
After 21 Day Fix Extreme workout today! Yikes! 
SOOOO that's that... I'll be posting a lot more about what I've been eating on my 21 day fix journey because I still have lots of days to go and I am sticking to it to a T this time!

Hope you all had a great weekend!! Happy (rainy) Monday! 


  1. I want to hear more about the cleanse and 21 day fix please!

  2. Jennifer Tabak-LevyApril 15, 2015 at 11:32 PM

    I would love to hear more! I need something to kick my butt into gear! : )


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