WWF! 21 Day Fix is Rocking my Life!

I had to do a quick WWF update! I'm down another pound this week! I haven't measured inches yet but this means that since starting 3 day refresh plus 21 day fix TWO weeks ago I have lost 9.4 lbs. I feel amazing. I also keep feeling new muscles that I haven't felt/seen before. Super encouraging. The diet is SO easy to stick to. Once you get the hang of the containers and portion control it just all makes more sense... and I am realizing that I am fueling my body the right way. My fav treat this week has been FRESH black berries! NOM NOM NOM.
I also did a few comparisons this week. The first is a year in transformation... and the second is in my fav jeans from last summer. I bought them new and was so excited to fit into a 32... and by fit I mean "muffin top city" and could barely button them. Now they're way too big and I can fit a whole fist in the waist band. I'm going to take them to a local alteration place and see if she can sew in the sides because I really do love them for summer...
So those are my week two 21 day fix results. I'm saving those pictures and measurements for the end. But I've been doing them and it's insane. I was told several times last night at Weight Watchers how great and thin I looked, so it must be working. I am SO glad to be out of that stinking plateau!

I also got to go back blonder this week! WOOT! and my hair stylist/friend, Nikki, did amazing! Loving my new blonde locks!
And one more little tip-- if you're local to NWA-- you need to go check out Bentonville Massage Wellness Spa. They're over by Rush Running and are doing $10 spray tans ALL summer! I've been going weekly and Lindsey has done mine and does great! But you really can't beat this awesome deal! You can check them out on FB here.

And not to end all salesy-- but we've got another round starting May 11. I'd love to have you join us! Obviously I completely believe in the program and have gotten super results! I'm going to end this round over 10 lbs down! I've also got some Shakeology samples (7/$40 or 3/$18) en route to my house. They always go super fast and are first come first serve-- so let me know if you're interested! (email me or comment for details on any of the above!)

Have a blessed weekend loves!


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