21 Day Fix- Next Round Starting May 11!

Just a quick little post to tell you that my team is starting this next round of 21 Day Fix next week. I'd love to send you details and get you in if you're interested. I also wanted to show you this collage that I made that shows that this program is changing REAL people's lives. We've got over 70 people in our challenge group who are ROCKING it!

These are all personal friends of mine who've been doing 3 Day Refresh and/or 21 Day fix and have had AMAZING results. There are stay at home moms, working moms, people who want to tone and people who want to lose... every weight and every fitness level... and everyone is having success! This program is SO amazing! And it's for men too... Bryan is joining me for both 3 day refresh and 21 day fix this round!

We've been working hard to make meal plans to make YOUR life easier. We have one that's tried and true but this weekend we are debuting a brand new meal plan for the whole 21 days! It will take all of the guess work out of it!
I'll be back tomorrow with one of my favorite SPRING crock-pot recipes! Hope you're having an awesome Tuesday! Oh and you can always EMAIL ME for more info on 21 day fix!


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