Weekend in Review!

So we had a pretty BIG and GREAT weekend! On Saturday we bought Bryan his "dream car".  He has been driving an older truck for 18 months and has been wanting a jeep for forever. We decided we'd had enough sad for awhile and wanted to have something fun to enjoy with our family!

So our weekend consisted of playing outside in the yard and in the new jeep!
Oh and we got family pictures taken! Those are coming later!!
I got my latest STITCH FIX box. Loved this blue top. I shared in the four square post everything else I got. I liked the tote but would have enjoyed something in a brighter color. I really am enjoying getting these boxes every month. Super fun!

Hope you all had a great weekend and got to enjoy the nice weather too!!! :)


  1. Yayyy for a new jeep!! That's exciting. Can't wait to see the family pics.


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