What's Up Wednesday!

On Monday I got to go with Hudson's preschool class to "Picnic in the Park"... little did I know that I was going to get to put my (rusty) nursing skills to use too!

As we were leaving the building to walk to the park, there was a car accident in the street in front of the church. My friend, Jessica (who is also a nurse) and I were some of the first responders. It definitely got my adrenaline running and thankfully I think the guy who was hit was going to be ok with probably just some badly broken bones but it was still very scary. I am so grateful that the kids missed seeing the accident by about 30 seconds, that is definitely not something I wanted my boys' little eyes to see! Every since I became a nurse 6 years ago this has been Bryan's dream-- that I would have to respond to a wreck-- that day finally came!

Anyways... we had such a good time in the park with all of the kids. Hudson was SO proud of his brother and showed him off to his friends and walked him around holding his hand. It absolutely melted my heart. I hope they're always close and the best of friends.
Hudson has been with most of these kids in the same class since they were babies. Not only do I love these kiddos but I also love their mommas! They are some of the most Godly and encouraging women I know! 
 Rhett had a big time too! He played right along with all of the "big kids".
Today is their last day of school for this school year. I am so very thankful for our amazing teachers and administrators who work so hard to take good care of our kiddos!

I found this cute teacher gift on Pinterest and thought, who doesn't like a Target gift card?? :)

Hope you're all having a wonderful week and a happy Wednesday!!!


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