A Giant Card, Date Night and Father's Day! Weekend In Review.

We had a super weekend! Friday I took the boys to the store to get stuff to make Daddy a card for Father's Day. I let the boys pick out candy (which never happens) and Rhett was so excited he kept kissing him M&Ms. Haha!
I saw this idea on Pinterest and thought it was cute. Since we bought Daddy a Jeep (and he has now gotten a million jeep accessories) and that's his Father's Day and Birthday presents for the next ten years (kidding, kind of)... we made him this card. Hudson taped all the candy to it and Bryan loved it.
Then on Friday night we went with Tony and took the boys out to the Waterfall. It had been raining ALL week so we were super glad for some sunshine!
 Saturday we had a lazy morning and then took Rhett out to the lake to swim. He loved it.
Saturday night our babysitter came and we went to some family friend's house for a yummy home cooked dinner and then B and I went to our friend's Nikki and Doug's house and hung out with them in their back yard for a few hours. It was gorgeous outside.
Sunday we went to church and then Bryan smoked brisket and pulled pork and we had all the family over for Father's Day dinner! It was super yummy!
Love this dress from Southern Sis Boutique. Haven't worn a dress without leggings in years, but I did yesterday! #NSV
Katy and I were both wearing dresses from SSB so we had to snap a pic at church. Love love love this friend of mine!
 Bryan and I played connect four during nap time. He won 10-2. Good thing I'm not a sore loser!! ;)

We ended the night with a yummy meal surrounded by family! Had a great day!

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Hope you all had a great weekend! Happy Monday!


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