Best Friends. And a Challenge.

I've said it before and I will say it again and again and again... I am SO thankful of my friends. Motherhood (especially of littles) can be so lonely. So I am thankful for my "mommy" friends who understand me and where I am at this point in my life. They understand if I have to cancel a playdate because of fevers, they want to just come over and hang out while the kids play and drink coffee with no agenda. They make surprise Starbucks visits and run errands for you. They just GET you. 

My friend Katy and I trained for our half marathon together earlier this year and have been doing 21 day fix together and drinking Shakeology together. I can promise you, it's been MUCH easier with a friend on board and she has done AMAZING. I am so proud of her hard work and dedication. And she's pushed me to do better, it's been totally win-win! 
This is her one year difference! So very proud of her!!!
So my BeachBody team has decided to do a "Best Friend" challenge in July. It can be any program you want.... there will be prizes and amazing mini-challenges you can do along side your friend. And best of all, you get fit TOGETHER in just 21 days! Your best friend can be your husband, sister, mom... etc. too. It's just nice to have someone to text and say "Um I really want pizza right now..." and then send you a bitmoji laying on pizza... you know, that kind of stuff (or maybe that's just me and katy? ;))...

And right now, 21 day fix is still on sale for two more weeks. It would be a GREAT program to get started with your BFF. It's changed my life-- and my bff's life-- as well as countless other girls' lives that I know! Email me for more info. Happy Tuesday!


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