Soccer Mom Status Complete

Well we put Hudson in his first organized sport this week. He's in a week long "Soccer Camp" and so far he LOVES it. And I am pretty sure he's a natural. Our baby sitter, Megan, is a high school soccer player too so he has been practicing with her and his dad some too. I couldn't wait to see how he did.

I mean does it get any cuter than this?

He is even more excited because he's in soccer camp with his best friends-- Ethan and Aubrey. Apparently since about 6 months ago we decided that we are going to marry Aubrey, we will see if that lasts. I told him that I approve, but he still has several years before he needs to make the decision. Ha!

So basically, I just need my minivan, some orange slices and capri suns and I'm good to go. (I'd be happy with an SUV ;))

Soccer Mom Status Complete. Happy Tuesday.


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