Sweet Summertime

In true Summer time fashion, we've been spending a lot of time outside this week! It's been one of the first weeks that has actually been really hot. On Monday we met our friends at the park. We are doing a tour of parks this summer and meeting at a different park every week. This week was one of our favorites!
On Tuesday the boys were begging to go outside at 7 am. The baby pool is kind of a flop... but they love this big red bucket. HA!
And what more could a little boy want than to be out in the summer sun covered in mud in their undies?
Which leads me to... potty training. Monday, I'm starting hardcore with Rhett. I keep saying that but haven't really worked up to it yet. It's time.
Basically I've been living in my work out clothes. I've hit the workouts hard this week and my eating has been on point. We will see how that looks at Weight Watchers tonight. B and I had salads the other night and Rhett was all in my business. He's the pickiest eater ever but for some reason kept wanting bites of my salad. SILLY BOY! That night Rhett and I ran while Hudson and Bryan rode bikes around the neighborhood. It's so fun and good to be outside!

Yesterday our friends Ethan and Asher came to play while their momma got her hair done. She paid me in coffee (and she didn't HAVE to pay me, she was just being sweet...). I've decided it's the best form of payment ever.
Hudson was obviously thrilled about taking this picture.
Lastly, BeachBody is having big summer blow out right now that you can check out here. Lots of great stuff up to 85% off. I'm also having my own little 21 day fix/PiYo/Shakeology Summer sale this week that's too good for me to share here. You can email me for details.

That's all for today! I'm meeting my friend Jessica and her boys at Jump Zone this morning to let the boys run out their energy inside today! Happy Thursday!


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