The Day Hudson Taught Momma a Lesson....

Bryan's been working with Hudson on riding his bike for several weeks. We hadn't had time to work on it lately but last night he got on for a bit and rode. He did really well so I told him that this morning he could ride and I would push Rhett in the stroller and we would go around the neighborhood.

The second he got out of bed at 7:15 he was rearing to go...

"MOM, can we ride around the neighborhood yet?"

So after delaying one bubble guppies episode length so I could get dressed and going we were on our way. He zoomed down the drive way and all the way down our street, not looking back once.

When we rounded the corner at the end of our street he stumble a bit because it was up hill. He got off his bike.

"Mom, I can't do it... it's too hard to go uphill." So I told him to just walk his bike up hill and hop back on at the top... he didn't love my answer but he did it anyways.

Then we hit the downhill. And oh boy does he like the down hills! But at the end of the hill theres a curve and he was a little over confident and his wheel started to wobble... he regained control and kept on his way. Then he saw it...


The truck that was blocking the side walk. There was NO way he was going to get around that truck in his little mind. He stopped, got off the bike and cried, "Mom!!!! There's a truck! Oh NO!" And I reassured him that it was ok and we could ride in the road for a minute to go around it. When we got to the truck we did just that and were on our merry way.

A few blocks down he started to get hot and tired. His legs hurt and his "booty" hurt from the bike seat... he started to lose focus and fell a few times. We were rounding the corner back to our house-- the end was in sight. And he got off and quit.


I tried to reason with him as best as I could-- "Hudson, our house is RIGHT there. I can see it! Won't you be so excited to tell Daddy that you rode ALL the way around the neighborhood?"

But he didn't care. He had quit and he was done! His little four year old mind convinced his body that he couldn't do it. He couldn't go 4 driveways more.

I wish I had a video of this to show but he was standing in the middle of the street crying... "I can't ride my bike. I don't ever want to ride my bike again. I quit." And being the "mean" mom that I am... I made him keep going. Now in my infinite mom logic I knew he was being dramatic and emotional. We had been riding MAYBE 20 minutes and he was doing so good but the main problem was that he'd lost interest/focus and was just being a baby... he wasn't hurt, it was only like 65 degrees outside so he wasn't THAT hot... I wanted him to finish and not end on this note.

So I told him, "Hudson in our family we finish what we start and we DON'T give up and quit."

And I kid you not, the kid hopped back on his bike and peddled the rest of the 20 feet to our house. He was so proud that he finished the ride and rode all the way around the neighborhood.

I have been replaying that last little bit in my mind for the last few hours because I think it's so applicable to me in other areas of my life. How many times do I start things SO excited and ready to go and jump right in... I buy all the gear, new clothes and shoes, get all the groceries and go strong for awhile... only to get distracted by THAT truck in the way. There's no way I can't NOT eat THAT meal out with my friends. There's no way I can work out on a day that I have THIS going on... only to find myself half way and getting weary... and want to quit when little do I know that the end is in sight. And honestly the funny part is that I do it to myself! We get going down hill and life is smooth sailing, and then the uphills come. And we have to get off the bike and walk... it. is. just. life. Our heads convince our bodies that we can't do it... but guess what, we can!!!

I feel like that's where I've been in my weight loss and fitness journey lately... half way and stuck... ready to get that momentum back and get back going again. I get tired of eating salad, and tired of saying no to foods I like. I kill myself working out and I am TIRED...

BUT just like I told Hudson, that in our family we don't quit! We finish what we start.... so today-- I'm two days back into my 21 day fix journey after returning to my old eating habits for a few weeks and gained back a little weight. It's so frustrating to fall off... but I try to remind myself it's part of the journey-- it's part of life... I AM NOT PERFECT. But I know if I keep on peddling, no matter how hard my legs hurt, or how much I want to cry... I'll be SO proud of myself at the end. 30 lbs down... 30ish to go.
This didn't happen overnight...
I don't know... it's applicable in other areas of my life too. Hope this encouraged some of you too. I get so many emails and texts from friends who are struggling in their journey-- so this is for you too!!! This journey isn't easy but it IS worth it!

So little Hudson and your little bike ride... you taught Momma a lesson today, funny how that happens.

Happy Tuesday.


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