The Truth About Losing Weight

Weight loss is hard. It's a battle... an obsession, a habit... whatever you want to call it.

There are days when I am mad that I have to work out. I wish I could lay around and be lazy and never gain a pound.

I don't think it's fair that some people are naturally skinny. Why didn't I get that gene?

I can't keep certain foods in my house because I know I have a lack of self control when they're around. I want to choose vegetables and fruit on my own all the time... but usually it only happens because that's the only choice I give myself.

Honesty. That's what you're getting today.

I've been on this "journey" for a year... but really longer than that. It started as a teenager. And it's something I'm never going to be done with. This will be a journey for me the rest of my life. I've got the cards stacked up against me.

I hit a MAJOR positive in my weight loss journey yesterday and then shortly after hit a slight negative. And I let the negative outshine the positive.

Last night I went to my Weight Watchers meeting early (like always) to help set up even though my new co-leader was leading. We usually weigh ourselves in before everyone else gets there and I weighed and got extremely frustrated. I was up a couple of pounds (I say a couple, because I am not sure exactly how much because I was mad and hopped off the scale). I started doing Focus T25 this week. I've tracked every single day and other than Sunday, I have stayed within my point range. I went in the bathroom and cried. I talked to my co-leader and friends there and cried. I stormed out to the car and called Bryan and wanted to come home and not stay for the meeting (the first one I could actually attend in like 8 months) because I was mad. Emotions, y'all. For real. There was "NO" reason I had gained weight... except maybe that I had a s'more for a snack every day... and ate a Jimmy Johns sandwich on weigh day... didn't drink enough water (dumb diet coke snuck back in to my life) and started a whole new workout... and maybe it was just normal fluctuation... but I was MAD. I cried...

and y'all... I'm the LEADER. I mean, seriously.

But I'm sharing this to tell you that I'm human. My journey isn't always easy. And I mean more than weight loss when I say that. Life is hard. It's been a hard couple of months/weeks/years? and I try to keep my chin up but sometimes it just all catches up to you. I cry and get frustrated just like everyone else... anyways I stayed for the meeting and really enjoyed it. And at the end of the meeting I got to share my Non-Scale victory that I went shopping yesterday and bought jeans that were two sizes smaller and I felt a little redemption.
I also got my latest Stitch Fix Box and everything in it fit perfectly. In the past there has always been a thing or two that's a little too tight. So either they're chose slightly bigger things or my body is slightly smaller (I think the later due to my jean situation yesterday).

So I'll end on a positive note. Although there are many many hard things about losing weight... there are SO many positives. I feel great, I now LOVE working out, it's become my habit, I can do things that I couldn't do a year ago. I sleep good at night and feel refreshed every morning. I love going to my WW meetings every week because I have the best and most supportive friends and members. I have created a "business" from home because of this that I LOVE (both blogging and BeachBody)... so really I have SO much to be thankful for. So this week I am going back to the basics.
And sometimes to appreciate where we are today, we need to look back on how far we come... I am so proud of how far I have come.
Hopefully next Friday I will be back with a loss but today I'm choosing joy either way. Happy Friday.


  1. We all go through the same struggles. For those of us with weight issues it really is a LIFETIME struggle. As of last week I have lost 46 pounds since last August, and I am at the lowest weight I have been since before I had my two boys. Well, I just got on the scale after being on vacation for the last four days and eating whatever I wanted. I have gained 3 pounds and feel so gross. Today is a new day and I am about to mix my shakeology and get myself back on track. You look AMAZING!!!! And you have no idea how much of an inspiration you are. Your blog is one of the best parts of my mornings!!! :)

  2. I know it's hard but you've come so far. You look great!! Keep up the good work. You aren't alone. :)'

  3. You've done an amazing job and look fantastic!

  4. New reader so I didn't know you are a WW leader! I've been following WW for four months and OFTEN feel that same frustration! Thank you for your honest post!


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