Weekend In Review!

We had a super weekend! Hudson went with G-Pa to visit Aunt Doe and Uncle Dave and they had a great time! We missed Hudson but Rhett enjoyed being an only child for the weekend.
We took several jeep rides and I made two delicious Hello Fresh meals. I am OBSESSED with this company! It's the high light of my week!
Saturday it was hot as the sun and I decided to run in it. I appreciate the 30 degree weather MUCH more than the 80s! Yikes!
Another yummy Hello Fresh meal!
Saturday after Rhett napped we decided to go on another Jeep ride and had our first "Jeep Fail". We got caught in the rain and ended up getting soaked! It will be a funny memory I am sure.

Sunday we really wanted to take Rhett to do something fun so we took him to the splash park and ate lunch at the food trucks down town. He had a blast!
 Sunday night our friends came over for dinner and Rhett was so glad to see his BFF Stephen. ha!!
And FINALLY around 9 pm Hudson was home! Makes my Momma heart so happy to have him back home. We all missed him but he had a great time!
We had a super weekend! I hope you did too! Happy Monday!


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