WWF--- Back at it and a Prayer Request.

Back at my WWF posts because... well... I am back at it myself and had a 2 lb loss last night at my WW meeting! I've got the fire lit under me again (and hubby is trying to lose a little too so it's a little healthy competition too!). It is so much easier for me to eat healthy when he does it with me.

The picture above is of me and my friend Katie who has been one of my number one supporters in this journey. Love the transition pic even though I HATED this picture when we took the first one. She posted it on her IG and there was NO way I was going to post it... but now I am so glad that I have it.

I did 3 day refresh again this week and started back at 21 day fix. As of this morning I am at my lowest weight yet and SO excited. I'm teetering right on the 30 lb loss mark! I made the most delicious enchiladas from our meal plan last night! Did you know we have two complete meal plans made up that you get when you order 21 day fix? Makes the program SO easy to follow! You get REAL food (including chocolate and wine, if you so desire!) and you can eat out with it... there is a handy guide that comes in it about going out to eat. It really is SO easy to follow. 21 Day Fix is on sale right now so it's a GREAT time to buy and join our group! Also a great time to sign to coach with this HOT product being on sale!

I feel so good that I don't want to quit this time! I want to keep it up! Also I've still got shakeology samples if anyone if wanting to try it- 3/$18 shipped.

Before I close today--- will you please be praying for my college roommate and close childhood friend, Logan, and her family and their brand new baby Marshall? Her husband is blogging about whats going on with their baby over here. I appreciate your prayers!

Hope you all have a great weekend! XOXO.


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