Weight Watchers Friday!

Last week I wrote about my bad weigh in and how upset I was after working out so hard to have gained a little weight. So you can imagine how excited I was to get on the scale at Weight Watchers last night and see a 2.4 loss after working really hard this week.

I also updated my Week Two Focus T25 stats this morning and am pleasantly surprised by how many inches I've lost! I have had two friends buy Focus T25 in the last week and I'm debating starting a Focus T25 Challenge group. It's an older program but my upline coaches suggested it to me to get me out of my rut and it seems to be working. I'm following the calendar to a T, and even though Friday's are double workout days and they kill me-- I love getting to take the weekends off. It seems to be working for me. If you want info on T25 I'd love to send it over (email me here) and if I get enough interest I'll consider starting a challenge group! I'd love it to keep me motivated as well. I'm going to wait and do my comparison pictures after each round (Alpha and Beta-- they're 5 weeks each) and I'll be traveling next week but I'm planning to take my DVDs with me and keep it up! I am feeling SO good... and those size 30 jeans that I bought that were a little tight two weeks ago are fitting like a glove.

Happy Friday!


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