Family Vacay Part ONE

Bryan had a week of vacation he had to use by mid-July so we decided to take the boys on our first family vacation now that Rhett's old enough to do more (like take out to eat...) without a lot of trouble.

First on Friday, We headed to North Missouri to celebrate the 4th with my family. 
Tank from Southern Sis Boutique

 Love my beautiful cousin Abigail. I can't believe she's almost 18. Makes me feel SO old!
 Daddy and Hudson had a blast with fireworks. Rhett was terrified.
We celebrated with all of my grandma's side of the family and also celebrated my great grandma turning 90. It was a really good time!

Rhett was already asleep for the night... whoops...
Sunday morning we got up and headed south a few hours to Kansas City where we spent the rest of our vacay. The boys were so tuckered out they slept the whole way.
 The really were troopers and we had a nice and peaceful drive.
.....that's it for part one.....

Part two of all the fun stuff we did in Kansas City coming tomorrow!!!


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