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This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of CloudPets™.

I’ll start by saying that when I was reviewing potential post options Hudson was standing by me when this opportunity popped up. He was ecstatic. I applied for it and tried to explain what I was doing… and then every day for the next week he asked me if “the puppy” had come yet. He had seen a commercial for CloudPets™ and it had made a big impression apparently. He knew from the commercial that he could talk to his grandparents who didn’t live close through it so he started out knowing a lot more about it than I did.

So when I got the email that we had been approved for the CloudPets™ post, Hudson was thrilled and I was too. I was excited to review a product that he was genuinely excited about and had previous knowledge of. CloudPets™ help parents connect with their kids when they’re on the go and why they are great for military families, grandparents in different states or parents who travel.

Hudson’s G-Pa just got married and is moving a little ways away from us and my grandma, their great-grandma lives about six hours from us and it’s been so fun for them to be able to send Hudson messages and for him to be able to respond. CloudPets™ are SO easy to use. After “Captain Puppy” (as Hudson named his CloudPets™ puppy dog) arrived to our house it took less than five minutes for me to set him up and send the invite out to our families and then the messages started rolling in from Pa, Grammy, Grandma Jeda, Daddy and G-Pa.

I think CloudPets™ are great for SO many children. Service members deployed away from their children face a painful struggle—they long for meaningful interactions with their children and have to deal with knowing their kids are struggling with the same longing. CloudPets™  allow kids and their military parents to connect in meaningful ways. For parents, juggling work commitments while staying in meaningful communication with the kids can be tough; the day is often broken up with thoughts of their welfare and the desire to check in and see how they are doing. This lifestyle can also leave kids feeling disconnected and lonely. CloudPets™ help parents connect with their kids when they’re on the go. Bryan has been sending Hudson messages from work, and Hudson loves just getting to hear his voice during the day.

Video chatting is okay, but you can’t hug a phone. CloudPets™ combines mobile messaging app technology with a cuddly toy that allows people to give and receive “hugs” from afar via personal messages. Studies show that up to 70% of children develop healthy, stress-easing attachments to what psychologists call “transitional objects” (toys, blankets), which benefit their emotional development—especially if parents work late, travel, or are deployed. CloudPets™ can provide a tangible connection to parents through the transitional object.

Also, don’t worry about the safety! CloudPets™  protect kids’ safety and privacy. The toys aren’t tainted by the privacy issues of other products. Parents manage a security gate where they approve/reject all incoming messages, and no messages can be sent to, or received from, a CloudPets™  except from a device within 30 feet. However, messages can be sent to profiles (and then to a CloudPets™) from anywhere in the world, allowing friends and families to communicate with kids safely from afar.

We’ve been using our CloudPets™ puppy for a week now and Rhett is even joining in the fun. His favorite message has been Grandma Jeda singing to them. And they love to send messages back. Another fun feature is that you can play games with your CloudPets™ via the app and you can turn on lullabies when you lay your children down to rest. We are big fans and would recommend CloudPets™ to all of our friends! You can download the app in the Apple iTunes store or in the Google Play store

This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of CloudPets™.


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