Weekend In Review

Friday the boys and I just played and played. We played in the sprinkler and played play dough... it was a fun day.

 I recreated my favorite tacos to make a Whole30 approved salad. It was so good.
Saturday morning I made a yummy sausage breakfast frittata. And we took the boys to the brand new children's museum in our town, Amazeum.
I think Bryan enjoyed it just as much as the boys did. We got a membership so I'm sure we will be spending a lot of time there. So awesome to have this in our town!
Bryan and I had a "date night at home" on Saturday night and had steak and scallops. Who said Whole30 had to be boring and drab?! This dinner was SO good.
Rhett's had a little virus all week and woke me up super early on Sunday after I was up with him several times in the night. I would be angry- but when he comes over to snuggle and says "Mommy hold you"... I just want to cherish every moment. I know one day I'll be much more rested and miss those snuggles so for now I'll just keep on chugging the coffee!
My team is hosting a Back to School and Back in Shape group for those of us who maybe indulged a little over the summer and want to fit into those jeans before fall! It starts August 10 so you can still order this week and get the amazing discount before the month is over and get your program in time to start with us! Email me for more info.
Hope you all had a great weekend!!!


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