What's Up Wednesday! Surprise Party, Fixate... and that "C" word.

So Bryan turned 30 last week and I pulled off a surprise party for him on Saturday night with all of our friends. I had been planning it with the help of my friend Nikki for over a month and he had NO idea. It went great! And I fit into a dress I hadn't worn in 5 years... so basically a perfect night.

I love my bestie. Seriously.
Jeep cookies one of my friends made. Turned out SO cute!
So besides vacation and partying... I've been studying up on Whole 30. I'm going to do a whole post about this tomorrow but Bryan and I started Whole 30 (which is similar to the 21 day fix diet) on Monday. So far So good!

The brand new Fixate cookbook released yesterday. There are vegan, paleo, gluten free, lactose free--- you name it-- recipes included. It's pretty awesome and they're all compatible with 21 day fix! You can buy it here without containers or here with containers-- it's exclusive through a BeachBody coach (me) right now!
And last but not least about BB stuff-- I'm offering a FREE copy of Fixate with the first three 21 Day Fix/21 Day Fix Extreme Challenge Pack orders (IT'S STILL ON SALE!) this week. I've sent several emails out so if this is something you want I would order asap! You can email me for details.
And ending on a totally other more serious note......

My dad went in to have his thyroid partial removed last week and originally got the all clear... but on Monday night he got a late night phone call back on the pathology from the surgeon that his thyroid is positive for cancer that's spread to his lymph nodes. That's really all we know at this point. He and my mom go back for a follow up with the surgeon tomorrow where they'll discuss what to do from here but at the very least it will include another surgery, radiation pill and then a PET scan to see how far it's spread. If you've been reading my blog for long you know that this comes as an especially hard blow to us after losing my mother in law, Janet, to cancer 18 months ago. We are being very careful not to mention the "C" word to Hudson... because while most 4 year olds should have NO clue what Cancer is... Hudson has a very good realization of cancer and what happens when people get cancer and we don't want to worry his little mind at this point. I say all of this to say-- you were all amazing prayer warriors for Janet during her journey and while I am still struggling with prayer myself, I ask that you keep my family (my mom and dad especially) in your prayers during the next several weeks.

I was pretty upset after he called and told me on Monday and texted my group of friends first thing yesterday morning... and less than 5 minutes later one of my best friends, Katy, called and listened to me cry and then brought her kids over (and coffee... because... well just because) to spend the morning with me so I wouldn't be alone to stew with my thoughts. Y'all that's friendship right there-- showing up when there's nothing else to do and I so appreciate that trait in her.

So that's all I know for now, trying to stay busy and now dwell too much on it. Hoping its an easily curable thing and not a huge deal. My dad is a strong (and strong willed) guy so I know he'll fight hard. I still have very mixed feelings on talking about it... so I may not mention it a ton because its still hard to swallow but I wanted to ask for the extra prayers and I will try to update as I know more.

So that's what's up on this Wednesday... more on Whole 30 tomorrow.


  1. Sending prayers for healing for your dad!

  2. Praying for your dad and your family. Cancer sucks. I hate it. He WILL be restored to full health and be healed! Praying in faith!

  3. Hi Jenna - oh my goodness, I gasped reading about your dad. Please know that you have my heartfelt prayers for your whole family. God will pull him thru this. Lean on your friends and know that you are covered in prayer!


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