Whole 30- Halfway Done!

I'm halfway done with Whole30 and I wanted to show you some of what we've been eating and how I am feeling...

So what we've been eating... lots of veggies and fresh fruit. Lots of lean meats. Lots of eggs. No sweets, no dairy, no gluten, no processed anything, really.

My hardest day I think was day 8. The day I cried about wanting Mexican food. Days 5&6 I was SUPER tired and nauseated.

For the sake of honestly--- I haven't cheated, per se. I have made a couple of SWYPO (look it up ;)) "desserts" i.e. frozen banana "ice cream"... and it kept me on plan so I don't really care that it's "wrong". And I weighed myself-- and I'm already down 6-8ish lbs. I didn't weigh myself before I started--- which is wrong-- I should have. But the scale is back at the top of my closet until day 31. I've stuck 100% to the foods on the meal plan.

I'm feeling really good. I have much more energy and can sleep better without waking up at night. Both of my boys came down with a little cold and I almost always get whatever they have-- I had a touch of a sore throat for a few hours yesterday and I feel perfectly fine today, so I feel like my immune system is so much better. My joints don't hurt as much when I am working out... and I am getting some ab definition... AH!!!

What I'm missing... mostly my Chocolate Shakeology. Not a whole lot else. One of my friends/coaches is doing Whole30-ish with me and she's drinking Shakeology still and I am super jealous. I honestly would have probably already given in with the Shakeology but I don't have any chocolate and I only like Vanilla with Almond Milk... so there's that.

I'm even drinking black coffee with just a little coconut cream and I like it. My clothes are sliding on and off with ease. And honestly, more than anything-- I don't CARE as much about food. My thoughts aren't on what meal or snack I am going to eat next... which is SUPER nice. I don't get super hungry or ravenous. I just eat and move on. And we've saved a boat load because we've barely eaten out... so that's nice. And I've still been kicking it with the Beta Round of Focus T25... 7 weeks in! 3 to go!

What are my plans after this? I timed this perfectly to run until about two weeks before my birthday... which is also when we have family coming into town for Labor Day and then Hudson's birthday is the next week. I'm planning to ease back into "real" eating with the ten day plan... seeing if I can pinpoint what bothers me... but mainly stay the Whole30 lifestyle except for on my birthday/Hudson's birthday. I'll prob eat what I want on those days (and pay the price).

Then my bestie is game for a round of Whole30 and what kind of friend would I be if I didn't do it with her? So I'll be doing it again with another STRICT 30 days (plus maybe my Shakeology) when I start my next half marathon training (oh yeah! I'm running another half in December!) some time in Mid September.

So it's going well! It's stricter than 21 day fix-- and I needed to be told that certain items were off limits to let go of the hold they had on me-- but I'll be doing some kind of collaboration between this and 21 day fix in the future. I'm hoping it gets rid of these last 30 lbs with ease! I think 21 day fix is a great place to start before jumping into something hardcore like this.

So that's my thoughts at the half way point! Today is day 16, 14 more days to go!


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