Hudson's Birthday Party AKA Weekend In Review!

We had a super weekend! It was busy and kind of stressful but we enjoyed it! Friday night Hudson went to the baseball game with my parents so we just had Rhett. We always joke that Rhett would have been a great only child. He's just better behaved when it's just him. I love sweet time with him.
I made this recipe from Fixate. It was SO yummy and the first time we had had pasta in two months and it tastes GLORIOUS!!!
Saturday Hudson had soccer practice so I decided it was a prime time to take Rhett to run. I haven't run in several weeks (maybe like two months) so it felt really good to get back out there. I ran a little over three miles.

Then Saturday afternoon we had Hudson's birthday party. His birthday isn't until Sept. 9 but it falls after labor day weekend and we had a joint party with his friend Ethan who turns 5 a few days before him and went ahead and had it this weekend at a local inflatable place. They had SUCH a fun time!!! I cannot believe my baby is about to be FIVE!!!
Hudson and Boston!
Hudson and our babysitter, Miss Megan. WE LOVE OUR MISS MEGAN!!!
All of our fun friends at the party
Hudson with Grammy and Pa
Signs of a successful birthday party!!!
The only picture we got of just the two birthday boys! Ethan and Hudson have been best friends since they were BABIES! I can't believe they are almost 5 and I am so glad we've gotten to be friends with this sweet family!!! I love Ethan's momma too!!
Instead of gifts we asked for our friends from school to bring donations for the Children's Shelter. Jessica called and they said they were in need of Pjs and chapstick so thats what we asked for! We ended up with 16 pairs of PJs and socks and 25 tubes of chapstick. I love so much about this. I talked with Hudson about what we were doing and why. And of course it's hard for a five year old to understand that there are kids who don't get to live with their moms and dads and that don't have things with Pjs, toothpaste, etc... I think it's a really good learning experience about being kind and generous. Jessica and I are taking Hudson and Ethan to the Children's Shelter tomorrow to drop the stuff off too. This was all Jessica's idea and I love it SO much! My kids don't need more "junk" especially when there are kids right down the road that need the basics! So thanks to our friends for the donations!

Then Sunday we continued the 3rd Annual "Momma's Birthday Breakfast" at Cracker Barrel. Little known fact about me-- I LOVE BIG BREAKFASTS-- Especially pancakes. But I really don't ever eat it because Breakfast is a super easy meal for me to eat healthily. So my birthday breakfast is always really special. My birthday falls in the middle of the week this year so Bryan will be at work and the boys have school so we went yesterday.
Then we just chilled around home. Last night we went over to our friends, The Waggoners, home for dinner. So we really had a great weekend!!!

I am looking forward to this week and celebrating turning 29! My family is all coming in for Labor Day at the lake this weekend and then next week we have Hudson's birthday! Yay!!

Happiest of Monday's loves!


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