Live a Lovely Life.

I will never get over this. I have worked so hard and I am so proud of myself. It takes DEDICATION, PERSEVERANCE, lots of saying NO to unhealthy things and YES to working out. I'm half way to my goal. The first picture was the picture that pushed me to make a change 15 months ago, the second was a year ago today... And the third is today. I am down 30 lbs and feeling better than ever. YOU decide to make a change... No one can do it for you but I'm here for support and motivation. 

I have a friend that I made through this very little blog who has become my biggest encourager. She sent me this email yesterday...

"Great blog post!! My encouragement to you is go hard now until your goal weight. Don't break for Labor Day or birthdays.  They might not be the most enjoyable days but when the day is over it won't matter to you one bit.  During my twelve weeks I didn't eat at my brother's wedding, my kids birthdays, 10 day vacation, 4th of July, Memorial Day etc......I packed my own food or are before the event.  No one noticed I didn't eat.  When everyone else went out and ate at a restaurant I brought my own food and only drank water.  I know it sounds extreme but I had a goal in mind and wanted to meet it. So for 12 weeks I did the 21 fix  and did not cheat once. Now I am allowing myself one full cheat day a week and following 21 day fix the rest of the week.  You can do it!!  Go hard!!"

I saved her email to my phone in my notes under "When you want to cheat, read this" because her words rang so true. (And no she's not a fellow BeachBody coach... she's just amazing... that is all).

Just because I'm a "coach" doesn't mean I don't struggle and fall of the bandwagon. I was convinced that when I started I would be at my goal weight within the year... well here we are 15 months later... and yeah, not there yet. 

So if you're on your journey, find some encouragement. Reach out to me, I don't care what diet/work out/plan you're following-- I'd love to help you get back on track and encourage you just like this sweet friend has done for me. 

And if you're wanting something MORE, some accountability like no other... My team is hosting a free "Intro To Coaching" Webinar on Sunday night that I'd love to have you hop on so you can see what I do. You'll even see a little video from yours truly. :) You can email me from more info or add me as a friend on Facebook and I'll get you more info about it! 

Happy Wednesday. Live that Lovely Life you've imagined. There is no day like today.


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