Finally Friday!

We've had an interesting week! Rhett's been on 10 days of antibiotics and still battling whatever he has had going on... We've pretty much stuck around home and yesterday I decided enough was enough and he was starting to wheeze pretty badly. Thankfully our pediatrician, who is amazing, fit us in his busy schedule yesterday afternoon and after he listened to Rhett breathing I could tell he was concerned. He sent us for X-Rays and they did a breathing treatment in the clinic. Thankfully his X-rays didn't show Pneumonia, which was our Peds first instinct, but a bad case of bronchitis and his lungs sounded better after his breathing treatment so they let us go home after being there several hours... and honestly I was afraid we would be going to the hospital. He dosed Rhett up with steroids, more antibiotics and I am doing breathing treatments (which is SO fun/not... Rhett hates them and it took Bryan and I both to hold him down) every 4 hours. He woke up better this morning... and Hudson asked me to download ABC Mouse after seeing it on Disney Jr this morning (great marketing on their part) and it kept Rhett entertained for this whole breathing treatment. So I'd say I am a big fan! 
We also made muffins from the new Fixate cookbook this morning! The were SO good. And my helper is pretty cute if I do say so myself! If you haven't gotten your hands on this cookbook-- you should-- it is SO good.

Beyond that it's been a pretty big week for my BeachBody team. I've added three new pretty girls that I am pumped to have! And had some exciting rank advancements! 

This girl right here has AMAZED me. We met through my blog and after working out and losing weight with several programs I FINALLY talked her into coaching... and she's been killing it since day one. I am so amazed at the friends that I have made through my blog/the internet and I cannot WAIT to meet Traci (and all of the other girls on my team) this winter when I am taking my team to Florida for a long weekend!

And I hit a pretty huge milestone in my business yesterday. I hit One Star Diamond. I am so proud of myself and I can't believe that this "hobby" had become an amazing way to provide for my family! My coach, Annie (who I met via Instagram and who has become one of my best friends that I talk to almost everyday) made this collage to celebrate me yesterday and I wanted to share!!! 

I hope you're all having a super week! Happy {Finally} Friday!


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