Rhett is 2 1/2!

Bryan mentioned that I hadn't done an update post on either of the boys lately... and while you do that SO much when they're little-- it's true-- I don't do it as much as they grow. So Rhett turned 2.5 last week so I thought I'd do a little update for him (this is more for me than anyone else so that I can remember)...

Oh Rhett Joseph-
When I was pregnant with you I wondered how I could love another baby as much as I loved Hudson. I wasn't "worried" because I knew it would happen but I just wasn't sure how. After having you, and as you've grown, I totally understand. You are a different creature than your brother. You are my wild child. You have so much energy. You're curious, always happy, the funniest little jokester, and you're our cuddle bug.

You love your brother. He's your best friend (and most days, your worst enemy). Sometimes you play super good together... and sometimes you fight and fight until I cannot take it anymore. Then I have to let Hudson lock himself in his room so he can play in peace.

You love any kind of crackers and your "milky". You also love eating peanut butter/almond butter on a spoon (a boy after my own heart). And you love "bars" (granola bars and momma's bars) and popcorn. Other than that you're a pretty picky eater... except not. If I put it on your plate you want nothing to do with it, but if it's something momma is eating you say "I try!" and want to try everything.

Lately you've loved cooking for us in your little kitchen. You also like to play cars and blocks. You do everything JUST like Hudson does it. It cracks me up but also shows how much you look up to your big brother.

You wear mostly 24mo/2T clothes now. Some 18 mo stuff still fits you. You weigh around 27 lbs. Your favorite things are your "B" (blanket), "doggie" and paci. We've been working on just having Paci at bed time but you've started climbing up on your changing table to get it... oh yeah, you're a HUGE climber. Momma can barely let you out of my sight.

You're in size 5 diapers/pull ups. You potty in the potty about 50% of the time. You like to hide from me and most of the time you're in going potty when I can't find you. We're getting there. Hudson didn't "get it" until he was closer to 3 so I'm not too worried about it yet.

We think that you have asthma. We have a follow up with an allergist soon. You have the most sensitive skin and I think there are some food allergies that play into that too. I'm not looking forward to the testing, but I am interested to see what we find out.

You're so funny, Rhett. Daddy and I crack up at you all the time. You're also a HUGE stinker. You don't always grasp the concept of "NO" and a lot of the time take it as a challenge and not a command. But we're working on it.

You LOVE your Daddy. I think he's probably your favorite person on the planet. You love Daddy's jeep and say "ride jeep" all the time. Last night you even said you were "Daddy's buddy".

You love your puppies. You play and play and play with them and they're so good to you especially since you pull their tails and ears and tried to ride on them 97x a day. You love petting them and say "Good girl".

You're also my little shadow. You never let me out of your sight during the day (which is good since I never let you out my sight either). You love to help me cook in the kitchen and you love to "help" sweep. You are talking pretty good when you don't have your Paci. I can understand most of what you say and love hearing the little sentences you come up with. My favorite is when you get mad at daddy for taking your paci away and say "DADDY, give paci ME!!!!"

Last night as I was getting ready to make dinner you said "Ride Back Mommy?". So I stopped what I was doing and took you for a ride on my back around the house. I love that you want time with me and how much joy it brings you if I just give you my undivided attention. I need to do that more. As the "long" days don't seem so long any more and most days I really enjoy you and your brother as you've gotten a little older... I can see how quickly you're changing and growing. I know one day you will be a teenager who doesn't think his mom and dad are so cool any more... so today I want to cherish every time you say "Hold you, Momma." and pick you up and give you a million kisses and tickles.

Rhett-y Joe. I love you more than I ever thought was possible. You and Hudson are SO different and I love different things about you but mostly I am so proud of both of you and so proud to be your momma. You make me laugh all the time and you're truly my "baby" (for now at least...) and you're more spoiled at this age than Hudson was and you're more attached to me than Hudson was because you haven't been away from me as much. You just started preschool two days a week and so far you're loving it and doing so great. I know you're going to be a shaker and a mover. You've got your daddy's looks and your daddy's personality, which I love. Happy 2.5 years with us sweet baby boy! :)



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