Thirty days until 29.

Yesterday was a month until my birthday. Last year I did a similar list of goals before my birthday so I thought I'd do the same this year.

1. Finish Whole 30 strong. 8 more days. And stay Whole30ish (Plus Shakeology) until my birthday. I have loved it and it has definitely worked for me. I bought the book off of Amazon if its something you're interested in-- I'd suggest reading it and "It Starts With Food".

2. Finish Focus T25 strong. Three more weeks starting today! I am so proud of myself for making it this far and I can't wait to share my results. And I'm not really sure which direction I am going to go with working out once I am done. Maybe a few weeks of PiYo and then Maybe into a round of 21 day fix extreme after birthdays are over.

3. Add 10 new coaches to our BeachBody Team. This is a lofty goal but it's one that I think is attainable. There is NO time the like present to join us. I've revamped the way we train our new coaches to get you off running from the get go. You can sign up with 21 Day Fix at the sale price for the next 10 days AND get a "birthday" gift from me. If you're been debating it, wondering about it or just wanting to make some extra money-- if you join TODAY you can have a paycheck next week! I'd love to send you more info and Team Joyfully Fit would LOVE to have you.

4. Fit into size 8 jeans again. Yesterday I cleaned out my closet and posted all of my "too big" stuff on my IG sale page. If it doesn't sell this week I am taking it to a local consignment store. Trying to get rid of the excess and I'm not keeping it "just in case" because I WILL not need those sizes again! So I'm comfortable in size 30/10s right now. If you wear a 12 or 14 I've got some pants and shorts for sale-- some brand new with tags-- that you might want to check out and also lots of tops and shoes and purses! I'm not focusing on the number on the scale anymore-- so I think this is a very attainable goal. After starting at 16 a little over a year ago I am VERY happy to fit into 10s again.

5. Enjoy every day with my family. Hudson turns 5 in just a little over a month. This is my last year with him before he starts school next fall. I want to be more intentional with the time I spend with them. We have a brand new play ground that opens in our neighborhood today that I see us spending LOTS of time at. I'm looking forward to them starting Preschool in three weeks again because I can use those days to "work" and then spend 100% of my time with them on the other days.

So those are my 5 goals for the next month before my 29th birthday. Then after that... I'm going to have 30 goals before I turn 30. Stay tuned and Happy Monday!


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