Three Day Refresh Results and 10 days into GAMMA Focus T25!

So I begrudgingly finished 3 Day Refresh last night. I didn't stick to it 100% because I only had a partial kit and am working out so hard that I needed some extra protein but I am still very pleased with my results!
Proud of these results! 
I am down 5 lbs in 10 days (4 from just refresh in the last three days) and 8 inches (mostly in my arms, legs and upper chest--) so we'll give the props to Gamma T25 for that one! You can see more about 3 Day Refresh or order here. I'm offering a special right now on the challenge pack with 3 Day Refresh and Shakeology too... you can email me about that one!

I am a happy girl with these results and now I am hoping on my 21 day fix meal plan using mostly Fixate recipes. Breakfast this morning was an omelet with goat cheese and portobello mushrooms after I busted out the Pyramid Circuit with T25... and I'll follow with a Shakeology around 11 before I meet Katy to run 3 miles. When I get back I'm going to eat some lettuce wraps and fruit. And for dinner tonight I'm making the Turkey Chili from Fixate! It looks SO good. It feels good to be fueling my body right. You can look at Fixate or order here.

This program was JUST the boost my body needed. I cannot believe I am almost finished with week 12 of 15. It is killer but I am SO much stronger and getting so toned it's insane. Katy and I are starting or Half Marathon training again today too so I'll be adding in running 3 days a week on top of this until I am finished with Focus T25. Then I am thinking maybe a round of PiYo with my half marathon training... and sticking with a Whole30/21 Day Fix hybrid diet.
I'm also offering a free Fixate cookbook for anyone who signs to coach/be a brand rep this week! I'd love to chat more with you about this opportunity that's changed my life!

Anyways... that's it for today. Love to share more with you if you need some refreshing in your life!

Happy Thursday, loves!


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