Weekend in Review!

We had an absolutely fabulous weekend. Hudson went to hang out with Pa on Friday and I spent some one on one time with my baby boy. He's getting so big and I feel like every time I blink he's doing something new. I really love this age. 
Saturday night we had a super rare occasion. Tony and CJ kept both boys over night so Bryan and I went out to dinner and then saw a late movie. It was a super fun night and much needed.
Saturday morning we took it easy and my friends texted me to see if I could do lunch and some shopping and since the boys were still with Tony and CJ, I jumped at that chance!
These girls have been my best friends for 14+ years. I cherish them both SO much. We had a super fun day.
Then Bryan and I went to pick up the boys and he pulled a brisket off of the smoker to eat for dinner. It was so good. He really is mastering this whole BBQ thing.
Sunday we went to church, had a family lunch with Bryan's family and then went out to the lake for a few hours to spend time with my parents.
Then last night I had a webinar with the leaders on my team where we shared what we did with anyone and everyone who was interested in BeachBody. It went so well and I really loved getting on and taking part in it. 
One very last plug for 21 day fix/21 day fix extreme. The sale ends tomorrow. I'd love to have you jump in our group and make today your BEFORE... and let me help you in your after. We have two set meal plans and I am helping make custom meal plans now. I'd love to get you going and I want to see you succeed!!! You can email me for more info on the sale. And I'm also giving a $10 gift card to anyone who orders the program plus Shakeology today or tomorrow to help you get started with groceries.

And a little recipe to end today's post in honor of National S'mores Day....
For a protein packed twist on your favorite summer snack, swap out chocolate and replace it with half of a Premier Protein Double Chocolate Crunch bar. Flatten the chocolate and a warm marshmallow in between 2 graham crackers and enjoy this yummy treat. Premier Protein’s Double Chocolate Crunch bar is pack with 30g of healthy protein and low in sugar and calories, so you can have s’more treats, without the added guilt. You can see more about Premier Protein here.

Happy Monday Loves! 


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