Birthday In Review! And an added giveaway!

First--- thank you all SO much for all of the Birthday wishes! I had a fabulous day!!

It started early with a dose of Focus t25 Gamma round in my new tank top. Bryan got me several new workout tanks and I love them!!! Yes I worked out on my birthday bc A. when it's a habit it doesn't matter what day it is. and B. cake.

Then I took the boys to school and went and got my free drink at Starbucks for my birthday and headed to my massage. It was wonderful!! I snapped this picture in the bathroom of the massage place showing off my other new tank Bryan got me with my monogram. He did amazing on my gifts this year!!!
Then I went home and showered and picked up Bryan for lunch.
We didn't have a sitter for that night and since the boys were at school we decided a lunch date would be perfect. We went to a sit down restaurant and ate pasta and warm bread... yuuuuum. That basically never happens so I enjoyed it! I have to just brag on Bryan too and tell you how supportive he is of me. It makes me so glad to have a husband who believes in my hopes and dreams. I've loved him for 15 years now. I remember he sent me flowers for me 15th birthday to my Jr High. I actually still have the card that came with them... so proud of the man that he is!!! And so lucky to be his wife.
Then I stopped by my favorite local boutique and did a little birthday shopping and went to pick up the boys. They wanted to do something fun for my birthday so we went and got slushies. Also my parents sent me my favorite flowers! Love love love.

My girl friends took me out to my favorite restaurant for dinner and it was SO fun. Then we went and got coffee at a little coffee shop downtown and sat on the patio and talked for two hours. It's so nice to have friends to do life with.

I had a fabulous 29th birthday! Thank you all for the birthday wishes! I have a feeling it might be my best year yet!!! And because you all know I love a good comparsion... this popped up on TimeHop yesterday.
On my 24th birthday I was a week away from having Hudson. I was swollen and huge. I didn't treat my body right while I was pregnant and gained around 40 lbs. I don't ever think that "pregnancy" pictures are a good comparison but I am sharing this to say-- most people want to go back to how they looked in their early 20s... and I'm thinking my late 20s/30s will be my prime!
And lastly a little addendum to my giveaway...

My friend Courtney is a Thirty-One Consultant and I just got this awesome bag for soccer practice and running around with my boys... she opened up a little "birthday" party for me and one person who orders will get free shipping!

Thirty-One was founded on the simple premise of empowering women by giving them the opportunity to own their own business. That mission remains at the heart of everything they do today. Thirty-One was founded in Chattanooga, TN by Cindy Monroe. Cindy and her husband Scott have 2 wonderful children. Thirty-One is named from Proverbs 31 and their main mission is supporting girls, women, and families. When you purchase any item from the URU collection, a portion of proceeds is given to one of our National Partners (Girl Talk & Ronald McDonald House).

For ordering:
When people order on my party, their card is NOT charged until Courtney sends the party over to home office. That will enable her to draw for someone to get free shipping. She'll simply deduct that amount from their card. Here is the party link.

Monthly Special:
Right now there is an awesome monthly special. In September, you can get the awesome deluxe utility tote for only $15 (reg. price is $50) for every $35 spent OR you can get the new awesome double up crossbody for only $10 (reg price is $38). 

Happiest of Fridays loves!


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