Get out of DEBT!

Debt. Annoying, right?! We have danced around the idea of getting rid of our debt for a long time but we hadn't made a "plan". It's  almost all student loan debt of Bryan's, which we've been blessed to have paid almost 3/4 of it off already... but it's time to finally kick ourselves into gear and pay off the rest! We took financial peace when we were engaged. It was so good but not everything was super applicable then like it is now. And I can't find either of our FPU kits, soo annoying... So I took the boys to the library (step one, spending freeze... go to the library and check out books instead of BUYING them...) on Tuesday and checked out these two books. I read Total Money Makeover that day (so we can mark 2/30 books off my 30 before 30 list now) and started working on our debt snowball sheet. I've been listening to his podcasts like a madwoman. We met with our bank yesterday to talk about some options... and we are on FIRE like MAD to get it paid off... 

That being said... I've been cleaning out my closet even more and selling more things! If you don't follow me already on IG you can check out my "shop" page here. I'm also on a spending freeze. I really like to shop- and me shopping is getting us nowhere close to paying off student loans! So if it's not bolted down, it's fair game around my house right now... kidding, kind of. Another thing on my 30 before 30 list was for us to be debt free (other than our mortgage) by the time I turn 30... so we are powering through right now. I've streamlined our budget and have already started our "debt snowball"... once you get going it is SO empowering!!! We are so blessed that we don't rely on my BeachBody money as income so our plan is to throw it 100% at the loans right now too. I am so glad to have the option to do this!! 

Have you worked on paying off debt?! Are you debt free? I'd love to hear your stories and tips!


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