It's going down...

Where to start? I finished Focus T25 on Friday... and we did my comparison pictures yesterday. From start to finish I lost about 10 lbs and 10 inches all over. Mainly in my upper body and arms. I lost 3 inches off of my waist. But the down thing is... my pictures don't show a change, at all. I think because the lighting was kind of off and the biggest changes was in my upper body they just weren't as good of pictures as I was hoping. Sooo... I was kind of down about it. No pictures to prove my progress, but I am proud of myself for completing all 15 weeks. I wanted to be honest about that. I've worked hard and I am kind of bummed... but maybe it just wasn't the program for me. I always want to be honest about my results so there you have it! I am SO over it now though and ready to move on! I'm not giving up, I'm just moving on to better things for my body.

So today, I start back with my one true love- PiYo. I haven't completed a round since I lost the first 20 lbs last summer. I am so ready to get back at it and get my flexibility back. I'm also running 3x a week. I am really focusing hard on my nutrition this round too. PiYo is two months long so in two months I hope to have some killer results for you.
This first picture popped up on my time hop the other day. It is so encouraging to look back and see how far I have come in the last few years. Not only am I healthier over all but look at the difference in my complexion (that's thanks to Shakeology and healthy eating FOR sure!)

I also wanted to share this... Healthy is different for everyone. I don't eat clean 100% of the time or workout every day (honestly, I love my off days!). I am working on myself every single day and while yes I would consider myself healthy, my BMI still isn't where it needs to be. As my best friend, Katy always says... "You do You." What works for me isn't always what is best for everyone else.
But if you want to join me in completing two months of PiYo... I'll share our meal plan and get you into our facebook challenge group that's being co-led by one of my coaches who is a PiYo instructor. She's going to be doing live workouts via the internet too. It's going to be SUCH a good time! As much as I love 21 day fix, I love PiYo even more. I love that it's low impact and good on my joints. I love the GREAT workout and sweat I get in with NO jumps, just basic stretches, and I am a BIG fan of the PiYo creator, Chalene Johnson, for 100 different reasons. 

I'd love to share my love of this program with you! There are 16 weeks left in this year, what do you want to feel and look like at the end of this year? Wanting to START a program, or killing it in your journey and already on your way (or AT YOUR GOAL) to looking and feeling better?!

You can email me for any info on this stuff here.

Happiest of Tuesdays!


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