Random Thursday!

Woo Hoo it's Thursday!!! It's been kind of a weird week. Hudson's school called on Monday and he was running a fever so I had to pick him up early. It breaks my heart to see my babies sick. After Monday the fever went away, so Tuesday we just took it easy. I debated keeping him home from school on Wednesday but they had their first field trip (to the library) and he really wanted to go so I let them go for a half day! I dropped them off at 8 and picked them up at 11:30 so they could come home and rest... and it's amazing how much I can accomplish in three hours with no kids!

I did PiYo, showered and got ready and make a Walmart stop. Its SO nice to do those things in peace! Then we got home and Hudson still didn't take a nap... but whatever. HA! In other news, I am super happy with my hair. Bryan loves it long and blonde. In the fall I usually go dark, but I decided to keep it blonde this fall and I'm loving it. Also, never ever cutting it again. It's almost long enough to braid. I can't wait.

Then Bryan surprised us last night and came home early. We went to Cabelas (the boys love seeing the animals), out to eat and then made a stop at Chuck-E-Cheese. Last time we went Rhett was terrified but they had a blast last night. It's amazing how just $10 of coins can be an hour of entertainment!

In other news... today is payday and I officially marked SIX things off of our debt snowball and made a new sheet. It is SO empowering to see progress made. We've sold a lot of stuff (including Bryan's photography gear that's been sitting in the attic for two years) and it was enough to move us to a bigger loan to start working on. Dave Ramsey would be so proud!

I've been thinking about ways to reduce spending and I promised Bryan the other day that for the next year I will not buy hair or makeup products. If you're anything like me you have a cabinet/drawer full of half used products. It's time to reduce spending and reduce WASTE and use what I have. My other goal this week is to finish Seven by Jen Hatmaker (she talks a lot about stuff like this). There are a few things I can see us running out of (shampoo... but I plan to use coupons and all the millions of samples I have to see if i can pair a sale and get a great deal when that time comes). I still have a whole tote of stuff from my couponing days, so those stocked up products will come in super handy. I'm also on a clothes spending freeze. My mom and I are going to Kansas City in a few weeks for a shopping/girls weekend (my birthday present from my parents to see Wicked!!!!) and I will let myself shop a little then for some fall stuff (i.e: new boots! and scarfs! And yay!). I'm still trying to sell the rest of the stuff from my closet. Whatever doesn't sell by next week is going to a resale shop. There's no reason to have things hanging in my closet that can be money going towards debt. If you haven't, you can check out my closet sale on IG here. If you're not on IG and you want something you can email me! And seriously, make me an offer, I want it all to GO!

That's all for today. I'm super sore from my first few days of PiYo and had forgotten what a super workout it really is. Going to run today with my friends for our half marathon training-- it's coming up!

Happy Thursday friends!!!


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