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This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of Sandwich Bros. of Wisconsin.
 You all know that I am a busy momma of little boys! I am constantly on the look out for quick meals that my boys (and Bryan and I) will enjoy that aren’t hard on the budget or the tummy. My boys are also SO picky which makes feeding them less than fun most days. I can’t tell you the amount of things we try that they don’t like. It’s frustrating sometimes!

The first time we tried Sandwich Bros.™ sandwiches we were hooked! We picked up this box at our local big box store in the freezer section and had them for dinner the same night! With soccer practices and running from here to there, they’re the perfect sandwich to pair with a fruit and veggie for a complete meal in less then 2 minutes. And no lie, my boys gobbled them right down! Hudson even asked for another one the next night!

Sandwich Bros. sandwiches are really, really tasty. A delicious choice for the whole family, from young kids to teens to adults. The protein keeps you fuller longer; these aren’t just empty calories. The handheld size makes it easy to control portion sizes. A single portion is great for kids; teens and adults can have more than one. Sandwich Bros. uses quality ingredients. The secret: Kangaroo flatbread pocket sandwiches, baked fresh daily.

Sandwich Bros. sandwiches  heat up quickly and are an easy, simple meal for those with busy schedules. Kangaroo Brands is a family company with family values. Founded by two brothers, Kangaroo Brands has been family-owned and operated in Wisconsin since 1979.

Do you like quick and easy meals for school nights for the whole family?! You can check out more info here on Sandwich Bros. sandwiches.

This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of Sandwich Bros. of Wisconsin.


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