Thirty before Thirty!

So I turn 29 tomorrow. I've been working a lot on personal development and setting goals these last few weeks so I thought... why not put it all out there for the whole world?! Nothing like that for some accountability. So here we go...

30. Beat my last Half-Marathon time in at least one more half marathon this year.

29. Learn how to drive a standard. (My husband is going to be so happy when he reads this...)

28. Read 30 books. This was my New Year's Resolution and I haven't made it very far... so I am starting over now.

27. Daily Quiet times reading my bible and praying. A sweet blog reader sent me "Jesus Calling" for my birthday so I'm going to start with that!

26. On that same note... read through the Bible this year. Finish it before I turn 30.

25. Fit into a size 6. I decided not to make my goal "weight" related but SIZE related. I'm comfortably in a size 10 right now. I started at a 16/18. So I think a 6 is definitely doable  and a comfortable place for me.

24. Complete Focus T25 ALL the way through. I'm not even kidding when I tell you I have less than TWO weeks left of the 15 weeks and I am OVER-IT. I'm ready to move on... but I want to power through and finish it out... so this is my commitment to you to do that!

23. Complete PiYo, 21 Day Fix, 21 Day Fix Extreme at least one round of each this year.

22. Help TWO people a week start working towards their fitness goals. Lots of ways I can do this. Any of my challenge groups (including free ones) or just emails back and forth!

21. Monthly girls nights with my friends. I love seeing my friends, just need to make it more of a priority.

20. Saying "YES" more to my boys when they ask for little things. I've written about this before but this is one that's important to me.

19. Overnight girls trip with my mom. Without kids. Making this happen ASAP.

18. Learn how to Periscope. Do y'all have Periscope? I have it but haven't done one yet! Eeek!

17. Go on a weekend trip with my husband without kids! I CANNOT WAIT TO MAKE THIS HAPPEN.

16. Take my BeachBody leaders to the Beach (it's already on the books!)

15. Go to BeachBody Summit 2016. So important in BB world. Cannot wait.

14. Hit 1000 coaches on my BeachBody team. Right now there are 216 in my downline. I'd love to hit 1000! I love my team and love seeing it grow! I have several amazing leaders that I know are going to do HUGE things.

13. Blog more about happenings with the boys... and have my blog made into books for them! Especially their baby posts!

12. Give, Serve or Love in a way that "pushes" me at least once a month. Maybe it's doing a random act of kindness or paying it forward, or maybe it's volunteering somewhere. But once a month I want to do this.

11. Be consistent with being at church. We go about 50% of the time but we need to be more consistent with being there! I want to bump that up to 90% of the time!

10. Stick to our monthly budget. Again, enough said.

9. Stay organized in my business. This is something I've been really working on lately and I am finally starting to see the benefits of it! It's SO nice to be organized.

8. Complete a Whole90. Like Whole30, but for 90 days. Yikes!

7. Finish out patio/back yard remodel. There's lot of stuff we've done out there and lots of stuff we still want to do. Priority one is getting rid of our permanent resident before he takes residence in our house. We have a little mouse-y friend living on our patio that can eat all of the food off traps without setting it off... we're going to get it, TONIGHT. But then there's some other more fun stuff we want to do out there too.

6. Build a "nice" savings account. Nothing more needs to be said here I don't think.

5. Pay off ALL debt other than our house. We've got some student loan debt and debt for Bryan's Jeep that I'd love to get paid off in the next year. So making this a priority!

4. Buy My Dream Car. With Cash. A lofty goal because in order for us to do this we have to pay off all of our student loan debt and Bryan's Jeep. But I have a plan and I think we can do it!  I am currently eyeing the new 2016 Honda Pilot but it might change between now and then. I currently drive a little 4 door car (that's completely paid off) with 100,000 miles on it. It's PERFECTLY fine for us right now, but I can dream of something a little bigger one day!

3. 10 Star Diamond Coach! This is a LOFTY goal. My goal for the end of the year is 4 Star. But I am saying it and putting it out there NOW that by my 30th birthday I want to hit 10 Star. I am currently a 1 Star. I have a lot of work to do!

2. Two Date Night's a month with Bryan. Either specific "unplugged" date night's at home or out! Either way--- making this a HUGE priority!

1. Cherish and Enjoy every day with my boys. My big boy and my little boys. There is nothing like time, unplugged, enjoying my family. I know when I am looking back on my goals next year I'll want to have something to be able to measure... so something Bryan and I are talking about is a "big" vacation for us and the boys so I hope by my 30th birthday if we haven't BEEN on this vacation yet, it's getting close!
So those are my goals! I can't wait to crush them and I'll be marking them off one by one as I do!!! Come back tomorrow for my FAVORITE things giveaway!! Happy Tuesday!


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