Weekend in Review!

I'm a day late... but we had a pretty good weekend. Bryan and I both spent the majority of last week/this weekend getting over a nasty virus. We are still coughing and stuff but mostly we're feeling better!

Hank and Jordo were here this weekend... I think this pic is funny!!

We went to the farmers market...

And we went hiking! (I love my husband, he's really the best)

Sunday we went to church... I wore this new dress that I just got that I really wasn't sure about... but Bryan said yes so I went with it!

Just a little plug for Shakeology... my boys LOVE Shakeology just as much as I do. I don't let the little boys have it very often but when I do let them have it they suck it right down. Love knowing that they're getting amazing nutrition!
I got my hair done yesterday! So good to see my friend Nikki, who has done my hair for 8 years, and to rid rid of crazy eyebrows and my roots!

Oh and the boys and I ran by Walmart yesterday afternoon and look who we saw... I love her. Really.

SO... I didn't work out for almost 10 days. And that's SO unlike me. I was super happy to be able to workout again yesterday! I also started back a hybrid Whole30/21 Day Fix following a meal plan that uses the Fixate cookbook.  I am just "claiming" 30 days right now but I am really wanting to stick to for 90 days to get me to my goal weight! I know I can do it if I just believe in myself! 

This was dinner last night! SOOOO yummy!!! 
I LOVE THIS. This is so motivating for me! If I get my booty into gear I can lose my last 30 lbs and be at my goal weight by December!! AH! Thats so exciting! 
 Day two of working out again this week... I am FEELING it!
Speaking of goal weight... PiYo is on sale this month. It has me all reminiscent of when I first started this journey! I am SO glad that I started with PiYo because it was so low impact it got be back to where I could run and life no problem! I'd love to share more about PiYo with you... I'm offering a gift card back right now too! You can email me for more info! You can also check out this post that I wrote about PiYo last summer! We have a PiYo group with a meal plan starting on Sept. 28 that I'd love for you to join! 
Happiest of Tuesday to you all!


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