Weekend In Review!

Friday Rhett and I played in the yard and worked on Potty training. It's coming along... and nothing's better for potty training than playing diggies in the dirt in your undies! Then while he napped I tackled my to-do list. I just finished Chalene Johnson's 30 Day Push and it was SO good for me! I loved it. If you're needing something to help you get organized and achieve goals I would highly recommend it!
I love my little space in my house. I feel like this is the only space that is really girly and all mine in a house full of super heroes and boys stuff. It's just one little corner but it's so put together and cute... which brings me to tell you that I'm starting a Glimpse into Coaching group that's no commitment but a chance for you to see what I do and meet some of my team. I'd love for you guys to let me know if you want in and I'll add you! These girls have become some of my best friends... it really is SUCH a fun job! Our team is approaching 100 coaches and I can't believe it! Such a fun group.
Then on Friday night we drove to Joplin to see Tony and CJ's new house! We love it! I see lots of great memories being made there! When we got home Bryan prepped his brisket for our tailgating party on Saturday night.
 Saturday morning Hudson had his first soccer game (He's #5) and they won so it was a fun morning!
Then I met my friends Katy and Rebecca to run 4 miles. We've restarted our half marathon training... We went right after lunch so I just made my Shakeology with the energy boosts! (the new shakeology boosts are AMAZING)
Saturday night our friends came over to watch the Hogs game. We had bbq and just let the kids run wild. I had such a good time chatting and the kids played SO good that I forgot to take a picture! Whoops!

Yesterday we just had a family day. I went through a pulled out a bunch more stuff for my shop page on IG (you can check it out here). I added some of Rhett's stuff, some workout stuff, some boutique stuff never worn or used and some photography stuff AND some "Hudson" monogrammed stuff so check it out if you have a Hudson. Trying to declutter and pay off that debt!

How was your weekend? Hope you're having the happiest of Mondays!


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