Get Out Of Debt-- Month ONE!

So I said yesterday that I'd do an update today about our first month... so here I am.

This weekend I couldn't believe how much we'd paid off when I tallied it all up.

One month in and we paid off ALMOST $5k! I cannot even believe it. It took getting serious and looking at our budget and STICKING to it! When I told Bryan what the total was he said "You know,  it hasn't even been that hard!" So I don't anticipate every month will be this good since we sold some stuff in month one to get started big... but to get that big of a chunk gone so quickly feels amazing and really just fuels the fire to keep going! 

So what's changed?! 
-I've been meal planning and sticking to our grocery budget. Earlier in the summer we bought half of a grass fed cow so a lot of our meal have had been because I am trying to use things we have on hand. I've also started REALLY stocking up on stuff. My boys drink a LOT of milk so I was making two and three trips to Walmart a week when we ran out. Now I buy 3 gallons once a week and save money by not going SO often! Because you know a trip for just milk turns into a $70 trip super easily.
-I have not shopped--- at all--- really. My grandma gave me some late birthday money that I used for some new sports bras at VS. I have been dealing with really bad rib pain for the last 6 months off and on and these new bras have helped SO much. I also bought myself a new pair of cross training tennis shoes and a new workout outfit when I was on my girls trip with my mom, but that is ALL! I'm pretty proud of myself for that.
-We haven't eaten out hardly at all. Bryan comes home for lunch most days and instead of getting take out on the weekends I've been making versions of our favorites at home.
-I started using my coupon-ing apps again. I mentioned that in my first post. 
-I've been trying to group trips in the car together to save on gas so I'm not just mindlessly running around and driving all over town. Today I went and ran downtown after I dropped Rhett off. I had an appointment about 30 min away and a weird amount of time before I was supposed to meet my grandma for lunch so I brought my computer to work at Starbucks instead of driving all the way home. Saves time AND gas. 
-We've really stuck to our budget. I know where every dollar is going. This month was SO nice paying bills without all those little credit card payments to keep up with. 
-I think more than anything we just decided to do it... and when I decide to do something, I go ALL in.

So that's my month one update. We still have a LONG way to go but this is a great start! If you want to see my original post you can click here!

Happy Wednesday!


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