Kansas City Girls Weekend!

For my birthday my mom and dad surprised me with a trip to Kansas City for the weekend with my mom! We left early Saturday morning and were going straight to see Wicked so I had to wear an outfit that was comfortable for a three hour car ride and appropriate to see the show in.

Our first stop was a super cute little cafe that has Gluten Free crepes. My mom has celiac and has to eat gluten free (and I eat gluten free about 85% of the time) so she knows where all the best restaurants for GF food are. We got a sweet and a savory crepe and shared them. SO yummy!
Then we headed to see Wicked. We were on the second row and it was SO amazing to be up close and to be able to see the actors faces. Even though I had already seen it twice before it still was so mesmerizing and I felt like the three hour show FLEW by. It was incredible.

Then we went and checked into our hotel. We stayed in the Marriott downtown on the 21 floor. There were amazing views and the hotel was super nice. After we changed shoes we headed to Legends to do some outlet shopping.
We ate Sushi at STIX. It was super yummy! We didn't go to any chain restaurants and ate "pretty" healthy while we were gone... this meal was a super fun one! I eased up on my spending freeze for the weekend... but honestly didn't end up spending very much! Darn you, Dave Ramsey in my head.

Bryan's been telling me for awhile that he wanted some new work clothes, including a new blazer. I was SO excited because I found this Blazer on sale at the Banana Republic outlet. Regular price was $199. It was marked down to $99 and rang up for $39!!! WHAAT?! Super awesome deal. So yeah... bought B some work clothes...
And bought myself a workout outfit and new cross training shoes. Pretty exciting. Then we headed back to the hotel in search of dessert. We walked a few blocks to a little grocery story and grabbed some ice cream. We sat in bed and watched Murder mystery shows and shared our ice cream. It was so fun to just chill.
We had every intention of sleeping in yesterday but ended up awake around 6:30. So we drank some coffee and put on our running clothes and headed to the Farmers Market which was about 15 blocks away.
This is my new workout outfit. I really love these shoes!!!

The Farmers market was AMAZING. I couldn't believe the prices! I wish we had a farmers market like that around here! Also in the farmers market is a cute little New Orleans restaurant that has Gluten Free Beignets. I have never even had beignets... sooo I found out how yummy (and super unhealthy) they are! Ha! I got the plain ones and my mom got ones filled with chocolate truffle. SO good.

This was our Farmer's Market haul. I couldn't believe it... I said it over and over and over how amazing the prices were!
We got 8 corn cobs, 3 lbs bananas, a huge bag of carrot sticks, 3 lbs of apples, 4 packages of mushrooms, an eggplant, bundle of asparagus, 7 bell peppers, 2 pomegranates, a pint of strawberries and 8 baggies of different spices for less than $25! 

After carrying our heavy bags of produce 15 blocks back to the hotel we showered and packed up and headed over to the Plaza for lunch and more shopping.

We ate lunch on the patio at Zocalo in the Plaza. It was so good. I had the lobster and crab quesadillas. Then we walked around and shopped... well tried to shop. I didn't buy anything, my mom got some stuff at H&M. I tried on pants at LuLu Lemon for the first time. I haven't ever been there but have been told how amazing their stuff is... and yeah, they were comfy, but I wasn't about to drop $100 on workout pants. MAYBE when I get to my goal weight. We shopped until late afternoon and then headed back home.
View from the hotel
Bryan and Rhett had a good weekend at home and Hudson spent the weekend with my dad. They all managed just fine without me. It was definitely a weekend to remember!! Thanks Mom and Dad for the amazing trip!! Now back to healthy eating and back to reality! Happy Monday! 


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