My Best Friend's Wedding and My Momma's Birthday Bash! Weekend In Review!

I have had a busy last week. I feel like I've barely had time to catch my breath. But today I have NOTHING on my agenda except playing catch up... so you better believe that includes blogging about my crazy weekend!

So for the last three weeks or so I haven't felt well at all. After ruling out the obvious things, I thought back to when it all started and it was when I stopped eating Whole30 and reintroduced Gluten and Dairy. I stopped eating Gluten again last week and I am feeling somewhat better, and I also started back on probiotics. I don't think it helped that this weekend I literally ran myself rampant. I'm glad to have some down days now... anyways so Friday was the first day I'd gotten dressed up and felt like a human again.
I have three best friends from high school. The four of us did everything together and this weekend Stacy (in the middle below) married her long time boy friend! We were all thrilled. Friday we did all the bachelorette things (like nail appointments and a cute cafe for lunch) and Friday night we went to the hotel she was staying in and hung out for a few hours.

Saturday was the big day! Major props to my husband who had kid duty all weekend. He did it so graciously without complaining so I could be with Stacy for her special day. I left pretty early Saturday morning and picked up Jackie... we ran all the last minute errands before heading to the venue which was about an hour away.

It's not a wedding day without Starbucks!
It would take me a million years and ten thousand blog posts to tell you how much this girl means to me. She was my maid of honor and has been my best friend since 9th grade. LOVE her. Seriously. Also she's a cop, so I feel safe when she's around!
This was about a 10 year difference. We decided that we think we are aging well!
We had such a great day spending time with Stacy and she was THE most beautiful bride. It was the sweetest wedding EVER and they were so in love they were both radiant. So sweet and perfect!
I was attempting to get a picture of my outfit and saw Stacy was in the background. How amazingly beautiful does she look?! This was just moments before she walked down the aisle.
I had so much fun with these girls! Paige (in the floral dress) was Stacy's college roommate, we enjoyed getting to know her, she's a blast. The other girls are my besties from HS.

And they're married! And so happy!!! Congratulations Stacy and Jeff!!!!!!

..... I got home around 9 on Saturday night and I was EXHAUSTED. Sunday we hung around home and then Sunday afternoon I continued my half marathon training with Rebecca and Katy. We ran 7 miles.
After our run, I boogied home and then showered and got ready to head out to my parent's house for my mom's birthday party. She wanted to keep it low key because she and my dad had been out of town all weekend so we just did dinner out by the fire pit. It was great. Happy Birthday Momma/Grammy!!!
So we had a crazy busy but super great weekend! Yesterday was crazy too and I am SO glad to be able to play catch up today! Yesterday was also the end of Round 1 of my fall 21 day fix challenge.... and the start of day 2.
I lost 10.2 lbs this first round. I had to change my "picture" clothes because the other ones are TOO big! Can't wait to see what round 2 brings. My team has another group starting up in a few weeks that you can join us for! The program is on sale through the end of the month! IT WORKS! Email me for details!

Happy Tuesday!


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