My Why and What is BeachBody Coaching?!

I recorded a little why video yesterday telling a little about my story and "WHY" I chose BeachBody coaching and why I've stuck with it...

I also get a LOT of questions about WHAT I mean when I say "Join us" for a challenge group or "join my team"... so I thought I would break it down for you today. This may be a post you want to skip, or this may be a post that you've been wondering about but too afraid to email and ask. So here we go...

What does it mean when I say to join my challenge groups?!

Well... as a BeachBody coach my team and I run little challenge groups each month on Facebook. We make a completely private group and each challenge group has it's own purpose, but our most popular is our 21 day fix group so I'll use that as an example. In our 21 day fix group you're automatically welcomed by the group. You get instant access to several meal plans for your 21 day journey. We have files for almost any question you could have. Sometimes we're all doing the same 21 days and some times everyone is on different days. We post recipes, encouragement, challenges with prizes, and offer support. There's just something perfect and so helpful about being surrounded by people doing the same thing as you. With 21 day fix that's the workouts and the diet aspect so sometimes we do a lot of venting about what our spouses are eating... haha kidding... but one of my favorite things is the meal prep tips and recipes shared!! We're about to do the new faith and fitness group so it will be along the same lines but we'll be studying "For the Love" together and talking about it together. I cannot wait, it'll be so great and there is still time to join us if you want to! I want to help you reach your goals-- I'll believe in you when you don't even believe in yourself!!

What does it mean when I say YOU can join my team?

Well my "team" is Team Joyfully Fit. I have a team of 70+ coaches. I run a private group (also on Facebook) and we just share and talk and have become amazing friends. We support each other and encourage each other and bounce ideas off of each other. We do weekly team calls to talk about coaching and how we can help each other and our challengers and then run various different groups as far as advancing, different programs, etc... Coaching is amazing because you can do as little or as much as you want. As a coach you're really a "cheerleader", a sales rep, an accountability partner and you create content for your challengers. You don't have to have a fitness background... we teach you what you need to know... and we encourage our coaches to all be a product of the product so even if you just want to lose weight and get fit and encourage those around you-- you'd be a perfect coach as long as you commit to a program and get the results. I'm not perfect, I don't have all the answers, but I've worked hard to get to where I am and I want to help you do the same thing! That's what a "coach" is. You don't have to have an amazing transformation story... it's really just about bettering yourself and wanting to help others. Maybe you want to be that person in someone else's life that believes in them when no one else does and pushes them and cheers them on. It's the most amazing feeling ever to hear success story after success story of people who started because YOU were inspirational and they've now achieved something they never thought possible!

So... what do I do?! I check in with my challengers when they need help and are struggling, I cheer them on and celebrate their successes. I help them troubleshoot. Another awesome thing about coaching is the amazing discount on the products. Coaches get 25% off, so I have several "coaches" who just sign up for the discount and either never want to work the business or aren't wanting to work the business yet. The best part of it all is that you work completely from home on your own schedule! SO great for stay at home moms! I am about to start a new internship program with my new coaches... if this is something you want more info on I'd love to chat! You can email me for more info!

I really hope that clears up a little about BeachBody and what it is I do. It's a lot of work, but it's work that I absolutely love and it's changed my life. If you don't care anything about all of this, that's fine... but I've had several emails and blog comments from people wanting me to explain MORE... so hope that helps! Also!! I'm doing a little poll for an upcoming fitness post (where you'll have the chance to win a 3 day sampler of Shakeology if you participate). You can check it out on my FB blog page here! I'd love it if you'd LIKE my page while you're there too!  :) I like to do little special prizes there!

Happy Thursday!


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