Weekend in Review!

I am still battling my dumb cold. We had a good weekend though still. Friday was beautiful. My grandma was still with us until Saturday. The boys had a picnic outside and then Hudson and Grandma made Lemon Cookies. Hudson was so cute helping her write the list. And Rhett, he's obsessed with her. And I think she likes him too.

Friday night the reality of what was going on with my dad really hit me hard. I started to have bad anxiety and needed a little break. Bryan texted my best friends and within an hour Rebecca was at my house for a coffee run and we spent several hours Friday night talking on Katy's couch while her babies slept. I feel so blessed to have such great friends in times of trial. They've been my close friends for going on 5 years now, and I just cannot say how much I appreciate them and just how much they "get" me.

Saturday Bryan went north to help Tony and CJ move into their new house. Grandma stayed home with Rhett and I took Hudson to his soccer game. He really loves playing and I really love watching him! It was a perfect cool fall morning for soccer!
Then we took Grandma back out to my parents' house and the boys played with my dad for a little while. It was good for Hudson to see that Pa was ok. He knew he was having surgery and was having a hard time with that. Then we picked up Emma (CJ's daughter) to spend the afternoon with us. She's great with the boys and loves playing with them. We love having her around!

Bryan finally got home around dinner time and I make a big pot of Taco Soup and we watched football and were happy for a Razorback WIN! We also had a heart to heart about my "weight loss" journey. I've said it before and I know I'll continue to say it again and again and again... but I can work out like a crazy person and not lose any weight. It is ALL about diet. The last week or so has taken me back into my crazy stress eating ways (i.e. pizza, a whole plate of cookies... I even went back to diet coke!)... He just voiced his concern that with these habits I'm not ever going to reach my goals. I know I have the tools to make the right choices and did some figuring and I have enough time for 4 rounds of 21 day fix before Christmas. My plan is to just take off Thanksgiving day and I'll have to end two days early before Christmas but if I stick to the diet and follow it for all four rounds I will be either AT or VERY close to my goal weight by the end of the year. I didn't even wait to get started- I weighed, measured and got started yesterday. For the first round I am sticking to the C2C 21 Day Fix Extreme meal plan... it includes carb cycling which I've read about but I really like how this lays it out. I'm still going to be doing my hybrid of PiYo and 21 day fix extreme workouts if I can ever get my lungs to heal.  I'll be posting my meals on IG and here some too for accountability.
Breakfast 8 egg whites and one yellow of steel cut oats with cinnamon. Also, black coffee with cinnamon.
I love my steamer basket! Lots of steamed veggies and fish! This was last night's dinner. Salmon and Veggies with a little S&P.
ALSO!!!! 21 day fix/21 day fix extreme is on sale right now if you want to join me and crush some goals before Christmas and the New Year! First challenge pack gets a FREE copy of Fixate(email me: This also gets you in our Faith and Fitness group if you want to join us in studying "For The Love" by Jen Hatmaker! If you order the challenge pack I'll send you the book for free! We start in two weeks and the study will last for two rounds of 21 day fix! I also have Vegan Shakeology samples right not if anyone wants to try them. They're 3/$18 shipped or 7/$40 shipped. First order of 7 gets a free Shakeology Shaker too!

Sunday we got up and went to church. Then we came home and everyone napped. CJ came to get Hudson to mow with G-Pa and dropped Emma off to play with Rhett. While Emma was here Bryan and I worked on laying more boards down in the attic. Then everyone came over for dinner. They all had subs from Firehouse and I ate my steamed fish and broccoli, and it was actually super delish.

Then Bryan and I watched Jurassic World. It was pretty good, kind of cheesy. So it was a good weekend and I'm excited to start the week. I get to go on a girl's trip with my mom this weekend and I cannot wait!!!!!


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