What's Up Wednesday!

Another random hodge podge post... with some good info...

So yesterday made day 7 of me being sick and coughing my lungs out. I'm still not really sure what happened. The boys and I got the nasal flu mist last Tuesday and my doctor thinks that it might have been too much on my immune system with this also being my worst allergy season. So yes, I did go to my doctor yesterday and got fixed up with some antibiotics and cough meds. Geez louise, I just want to feel better! I felt good enough this morning to workout for the first time in a week but I stuck to weight lifting because my lungs can't handle cardio yet..
So yesterday the boys and I just had a lazy day. We rented a couple of Redbox movies. And Hudson and I snuggled up during rest time and watched the new Cinderella. I really liked it. And yes I let my boys watch princess movies.
Besides that... I had a stitch fix box scheduled before I went on our spending freeze and it came on Monday. And of course I loved EVERYTHING in it. Of course. I really debated on what to do. I had a little bit of credit to use and the one thing that I asked for was black jeans for fall and they delivered AND they fit me perfectly. I really liked the two tops below too...  but they were already a little big and since I'm hardcore on my eating right now they'll be too big in no time. So I just kept the jeans, that only ended up costing me $20 since I had credit. And $20 for jeans is a pretty good deal in my book!
Oh and something else about having to go to see the dcotor... I used to hate going to the doctor because I hated being weighed. Yesterday it popped an alert for the nurse that I had lost over 25 lbs since I was last seen and my blood pressure was on the low end of normal (even while sick) when last time I was there I was pre-hypertensive and was put on medicine for a little while. If this isn't encouraging, I don't know what is. Thank you 21 day fix and PiYo for helping me turn my life right side up!!! Even I was amazed by the number on the scale this morning since my scale has been put up for awhile... I love those scale and non-scale victories!

Which leads me to...

My team is gearing up for our most exciting group of the year!!!! I cannot wait. We will be doing TWO rounds of 21 day fix and studying Jen Hatmaker's "For The Love" together via Facebook. That means BEFORE Christmas you can get some personal growth and fellowship AND could lose up to 30 lbs!!! Win-win in my book!!! I'd love to have you join us! Right now when you buy the 21 day fix challenge pack-- which is on SALE-- I'll send you a copy of "For The Love" for free!!! Email me for details! We need orders to go in soon so we can order the books and get them sent out in time!! {and if you already have 21 day fix, you can buy the book and join us too! Team Joyfully Fit customers only}

Hope you are having a super duper week! Many blessings on this Wednesday!


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