Random Thursday!

It's been a busy week around here! We've been cleaning and unpacking for one trip and then I sent my big boy on a weeklong trip with Pa to deer camp and grandma's house. I've gotten back into the groove of working out with 21 day fix extreme and my body is FEELING it!

Monday I was just so glad to feel like working out again, but it was slow going and using my lightest weights.  I just told myself that it wasn't a competition, I just had to do as good as I could after not working out (other than running) for 5 weeks.
A couple of BB things... I am opening up some spots on my team for seasonal employment! I'd love to help you get started and make some extra cash helping OTHERS get fit! I am declaring this Christmas a debt-free Christmas for my family and am so glad for this little fitness job that allows me to work from home and make a great income! I'd love to share more info with you!
I'm doing something I've never done but I am SO excited about it. I'm offering an exclusive group for 10 people or less to do a round of 21 day fix with me starting the Monday after thanksgiving. I'm offering a $20 gift card back with the purchase of the complete program and GUESS WHAT::: it's on SALE too!!! You'll be working one-on-one with me and we will be doing daily devotions as well! It's so easy to get lost and too busy in the holiday season so I'm working hard to keep the REAL reason for the season in mind this year. (Only open for new 21 day fix purchases at this time) comment or email me for more info. I am keeping the limit at 10 so it can be a more intimate group so don't delay if you want in! I cannot wait to lose some lbs this holiday season instead of gain them!
Also I've been teaching Hudson some Dave Ramsey this week! He saw a new toy that he really wants so on top of his regular chores he asked what else he could do. I had him mop with the swiffer wet jet and he actually did a really good job! Um I love age 5.
Yesterday he and Pa left for a whole week for deer hunting. It's the longest he's been away from us but I know he'll have a great time!
Yesterday I did Pilates fix and it felt SOOO good to stretch it out. I am heading out for a 4 mile run with Katy this morning... our half marathon is in a little less than a month! I can't believe it's almost that time again.
After school I took Rhett to run some errands and to get Ice cream since big brother was getting special treatment. Bryan and I say all the time how great of an only child he would be... so I really love getting one-on-one time with him. Even though he keeps me on my toes-- I am so glad to be his mommy.

Yes it's the middle of November and I am wearing a tank top! Crazy weather around here!
So that's our week so far! Hope you're all having a super week! Happy Thursday!


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