Taco Tuesday

This post really has nothing to do with Tacos... except maybe the fact that I wish I was eating tacos instead of drinking juice right now... maybe I'll have a "taco" salad for dinner tonight! Yum! Ok, ok... in honor of the post title, I'm sharing my favorite Taco Soup recipe at the end of the post (or you can click the picture below!)

Yesterday I met Katy and Rebecca to run 4 miles (after we'd run 9 on Sunday)... it was cool and rainy and without them I probably wouldn't have done it. That's why accountability with working out is SO key. We had our fastest time yet, probably because the last two miles it was pouring and we were WET and ready to be done. But my motto: Never miss a Monday! It just starts your week off right!
So Bryan and I are doing this modified juice cleanse. Our stomachs have been all kinds of crazy messed up so I kind of made up this cleanse based on calories and protein and resting our "guts". We are doing 5 cold pressed juices a day (between 100-180 calories each), one shakeology with almond butter, almond milk and a banana, one salad with lean protein (last night was grilled tilapia and a hard boiled egg), veggies and light dressing. I ran yesterday and Bryan did t25 last night. I'll probably stick with Pilates and Yoga today and tomorrow because I was ravenous yesterday. We're also drinking Kombucha in the mornings and a probiotic drink to help restore our "good" bacteria.... anyways I was scared about these "green" juices but they're actually super yummy! One day down, two to go! And today was the first day in a LONG time that I woke up and my stomach wasn't killing me! I'd say we're off to a good start!

I ordered our Christmas Cards today!! I can't wait to get them. I also ordered some "photo" presents and got a super good deal AND free shipping with Shutterfly! You can go through this link and get 50% off your cards right now from Shutterfly! I'll share ours on here once I've sent them out! :)

I still have FOUR spots left in my exclusive 21 day fix group starting after Thanksgiving! I am really excited because the girls already on board are SERIOUS about losing weight this holiday season and I know they're going to crush some goals, and I know they'll keep me accountable too! If you want more info you can email me! Like I said before, once we get to 10 I am closing the group to keep it small.

In honor of my post title I thought I'd share the link to my crockpot taco soup recipe! You can click here!

That's all for today! Hope you have a super Tuesday!


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